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Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock)

Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock)

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Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock)

Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) 描述

**App Lock is money-free and ad-free**
Do you want to protect to run application from others?
Do you feel annoy other app locks which die by task killer application?
Do you feel upset an advertising display on lock screen?
Do you want to use your own lock screen wallpaper?
Do you feel upset about the unlock bug by home key?
We can solve all the above issues perfectly!!!
This is an essential application for every android user. Protect any personal data on your phone.
AppLock lets you protect any applications you want with custom pattern lock screen. For example, SMS, Gallery, Email, Call… any apps you choose.
Main Features:
- Application lock
- Pattern lock
- Quickly lock on/off widget
- Change lock screen wallpaper
- Protect to unlock by home key
- Send your forgotten pattern record by email
- Easy setting menu
- Easy App locker
* Service restart is required after the upgrade.

Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) 更新内容


Minor bug fixed.

Samsung ICS (BETA)

Send Email changed.

Support Samsung Updated ICS Phone


Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) 历史版本

Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) 使用技巧

Easy App Lock (Pattern Lock) 信息

系统工具 WiFi 浏览器 输入法
Android 2.2.x 以上

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