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Family Feud Lite (Unofficial)

Family Feud Lite (Unofficial)

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Family Feud Lite (Unofficial) Family Feud Lite (Unofficial) Family Feud Lite (Unofficial) Family Feud Lite (Unofficial) Family Feud Lite (Unofficial)

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★★★★★ How good would you be on TV's Family Feud?
Please note this is not the Official version of Family Feud. This game lets you try out Family Feud Style questions to see how good you would be on the show.
This is the Free LITE VERSION with 100 Questions. FULL Version has 500 Family Feud style questions now available for $1.25. Yes, 500 BRAND NEW questions for only $1.25!
Would you be able to come up with the top answer for these questions…
Name Something That Is Used Only Once.
Name Something That Makes You Itch.
Name Something People Are Frightened Of.
Name Something You Wouldn't Eat With Your Fingers.
Don’t let your Brain get Flabby.
Send your Brain to the Gym with this gentle Family Feud workout.
If you’ve got a minute… Learn Something in it!
Be sure to check out our other awesome trivia games available or coming soon to the android market!
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