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Problem with SU access after update? Try resetting permissions
Willing to free up some space or speed-up your applications without uninstalling anything nor tweaking your system?
Apps2ROM is the solution!
Android system is pre-installed on its own space called ROM which is not accessible by end-user. There is usually some wasted free space there?
When you update one of your pre-installed application (say GMail as an example), Android does not really update it but "deprecates" the pre-installed version and installs a new instance in your user space, which causes your available free space to decrease because of some duplicate applications.
What does Apps2ROM do:
- Lists all your applications and indicates their location (System and/or User space).
- Allows you to select user applications you want to move/update to system space.
- Once enabled, on every device boot it will automatically check for selected applications and move them to your system space if found.
- On some devices (mostly stock ROM neo-rooted), the auto-move feature might not work so you can try the "Move now" functionality which is compatible with more devices.
- Removes System application / bloat-ware
- You need to have ROOT access on your phone.
- Not all application like to be moved to system and will cause them to "Force Close". To resolve, remove the app with Apps2ROM and reinstall it from play store. (Adblock Plus is known to create problems).
- If you have a "Not found" error, try installing busybox, restart and retry.
- Some devices are S-ON which means "Security ON" and prevents from writing to system memory. Apps2ROM cannot work on such devices until you find a way to S-OFF your device. This problem have been reported on some HTC devices.
- Never restore Apps2ROM's data with a backup software as it uses ROM-dependent configuration.
- Selected applications are moved during phone boot time (or immediately with the Move Now button)
- Applications moved to system cannot be uninstalled by standard Android uninstaller. You can remove them with Apps2ROM.
- Please read help menu.
Q: Does Apps2ROM immediately move my applications when I enable it?
A: If you select "Move now", yes, and then your device will be restarted. If you Enable Apps2ROM, no, applications are moved during phone boot time in order to prevent instabilities (application disappearing or crashing).
Q: Doesn't Apps2ROM slow-down my phone by checking for updated applications to move?
A: No, Apps2ROM does not launch background process so it will not slow-down your phone. Once you close the application, it stops running and will do its job on phone reboot only.
Q: Why to I need ROOT access?
A: Apps2ROM needs ROOT access in order to write in your system ROM.
Q: Isn't it dangerous to write in system ROM?
A: Just be careful not to fill too much your system ROM. There is a security margin of 10MB that can be lowered in preferences (decrease it at your own risks!).
Q: You said it can speed up applications?
A: It does it indirectly. If you use some Apps2SD program, by freeing some space with Apps2ROM, you might be able to move some applications back to memory which will make them load faster. People using high-end devices with a lot of user memory will most likely not see any benefits.
Q: After restarting my device, applications haven't been moved.
A: Be sure Apps2ROM asked for super user permissions. If you have a stock ROM it most likely won't work. Try the "Move now" functionality. If it still don't work, try installing busybox if you don't already have it. If it still don't work, enable "debug" in advanced preferences and report the exact error to developer.
Q: Where are system and user app located on the my device?
A: System app are stored in /system/app/ and user app usually are in /data/app/
People having problems with Apps2ROM, please consider contacting me before giving a low valuation as you might help me fixing your problem. Thanks
  - 列出所有应用程序,并表示他们的位置(系统和/或用户空间)。
  - 允许您选择您想要移动/更新到系统空间的用户应用程序。
  - 一旦启用,在每个设备上启动,它会自动检查选定的应用程序,如果发现,将它们移动到你的系统空间。
  - 在某些设备(主要是股票新层次ROM),自动移动功能可能无法正常工作,所以你可以尝试“移动”功能,这是与更多的设备兼容。
  - 移除系统应用/膨胀洁具
  - 您需要在您的手机有ROOT权限。
  - 并非所有的应用程序,如被转移到系统,将导致他们“强制关闭”。要解决此问题,与Apps2ROM删除应用程序,并重新从玩店。 (Adblock Plus的创建问题)。
  - 如果你有一个“未找到”的错误,尝试安装busybox的,重新启动并重试。
  - 有些设备是S-ON,这意味着“安全保护”,防止写入系统内存。 Apps2ROM不能在此类设备上工作,直到你找到一个S-OFF设备。这个问题已报告了一些HTC设备。
  - 切勿恢复Apps2ROM的数据备份软件,因为它使用的ROM依赖配置。
  - 选定的应用程序在手机开机的时候(或紧随移动与现在移动按钮)
  - 移动的应用程序无法卸载卸载标准的Andr​​oid系统。你可以删除它们与Apps2ROM。
  - 请阅读“帮助”菜单。
 A:系统的应用程序都存储在/系统/应用程序/用户的应用程序通常是在/ data /应用程序/

Apps2ROM [ROOT] 更新内容

- Added Action Bar for older devices
- Updated memory management
- Bug fix

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系统工具 Root
Android 1.6.0 以上

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