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Simple Analytics Widget Simple Analytics Widget Simple Analytics Widget Simple Analytics Widget

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With Simple Analytics Widget you can follow your Google Analytics data at a glance, directly on the home screen of your device. For each of your websites, you can see the count of visits, the count of unique visitors by day, the count of page views per day and many other things in real time. These values will be compared to the same data, at the same time, the previous week, to show the changing rate.
When you install a widget, a configuration screen allows you to connect to your Google Analytics account to select a website and a metric. The configuration is simple and quick. You can install as many widgets as you want on your home screen with different configurations.
For maximal security, the widget logs in to your Google Analytics account thanks to the Google accounts added on your device. You will never have to type in your password on the configuration screen of the widget.
The widget doesn't use external libraries to save memory on your device (80ko).
To install a widget on Android <3.0, when your are on the Android home screen, push the physical menu button, select "Add", then "Widgets" and finally, select "Simple Analytics Widget" from the list.
For Android >=3.0, just select the widget on the list. If the widget isn't present on the list directly after the installation, you need to reboot your phone or just kill the processus "Home".
使用简单的Google Analytics(分析)小工具,你可以按照你的Google Analytics(分析)数据一目了然,直接在主屏幕上您的设备。对于每一个你的网站,你可以看到访问的计数,计数每天的独立用户访问量,页面访问量每天和许多其他的东西,实时计数。这些值将相同的数据,在同一时间相比,前一周,以显示变化率。
当您安装一个小工具,一个配置屏幕,可让您连接到您的Google Analytics(分析)帐户中选择一个网站和度量。配置是简单和快捷。您可以安装尽可能多的部件,只要你想在主屏幕上用不同的配置。
最大的安全性,登录到您的Google Analytics(分析)帐户在您的设备上的谷歌帐户添加小部件。配置屏幕上的窗口小部件,您将永远不会有输入你的密码。
要安装Android版<3.0,当你在Android主屏幕上的小工具,按下的物理菜单按钮,选择“添加”,然后选择“小工具”,最后,从列表中选择“简单的Google Analytics(分析)小工具”。
对于Android> = 3.0,只需选择名单上的部件。如果控件是不存在的名单上后直接安装,您需要重新启动您的手机或杀死突的“家”。

Simple Analytics Widget 更新内容

1.3 :
- New Google API
1.2 :
- Switch to version 2.4 of Google Analytics API
- Force widget size to 4x1
- Image preview for Android >3.0
1.1 :
- Add new metrics (page views per day, page views per visit, bounce rate, average time on site, percent of new visits)

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Android 2.1.x 以上
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