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My Mobile, offer news, reviews and views on mobile phones, mobile phone prices, value added services, cellular services, tariff plans and reviews of mobile applications and games. Our philosophy is to simplify the world of mobile phones for the consumer, demystify cellphone jargon and update the buyer on the latest prices and models. We want to educate, empower and, of course, entertain the mobile phone user. We have something for everyone, from the technology/gadget lover to those reluctant to use their phones for anything other than calls. We focus on the real needs of the mobile phone consumer. Our compelling product is the extensive buyer’s guide which offers an instant comparative look at all the phone models--the very latest as well as the existing models-in the market. And our strength lies in our no-nonsense reviews of cellphones brought to you by our reporters who are young mobile phone and technology enthusiasts. It was only after My Mobile, first published in February 2005, that consumers found the simplest way to keep track of new mobile technology, get the latest information about products and services as well as unbiased reviews of existing and upcoming gadgets. The magazine My Mobile, printed in two editions (Hindi and English), is published by Pankaj Mohindroo of My Mobile Infomedia Pvt Ltd. Mohindroo is also the founder and national president of the Indian Cellular Associatio
我的手机,提供新闻,在手机上的评论和看法,手机价格,增值服务,移动通信服务,资费计划和审查的移动应用程序和游戏。我们的理念是简化手机的世界,为消费者,手机不再神秘术语和更新买家最新的价格和车型。我们要教育,授权,当然,自娱自乐的手机用户。我们每个人的东西,从技术/小工具的情人对那些不愿意用自己的手机以外的任何其他电话。我们专注于手机消费者的真正需求。我们引人注目的产品是广泛的采购指南它提供了一个即时的比较看所有手机机型 - 最新的以及现有的车型,在市场上。而我们的优势在于我们没有废话我们的记者带你手机的评论谁是青年手机和技术爱好者。它只是在我的手机,2005年2月第一次出版,消费者发现,跟踪新的移动技术,获取有关产品和服务的最新信息,以及现有的和即将推出的小玩意酒店,客栈最简单的方法。该杂志我的手机,印刷两种版本(印地文和英文),是由我的手机Infomedia可私人有限公司Mohindroo的Pankaj Mohindroo公布也是印度蜂窝Associatio的创始人和总裁的国家

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