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Liao-Fan's Four Lessons

Liao-Fan's Four Lessons

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Liao-Fan's Four Lessons Liao-Fan's Four Lessons Liao-Fan's Four Lessons Liao-Fan's Four Lessons Liao-Fan's Four Lessons Liao-Fan's Four Lessons

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Although Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons is not a Buddhist sutra, we need to respect and praise it as one. In the early part of this century, Great Master Yin-Guang, the Thirteenth Patriarch of the Pure Land School dedicated his whole life to its promotion and oversaw the printing of millions of copies of it. Not only did he unceasingly advocate this book but he also studied it, practiced what it taught and lectured on it.
In the sixteenth century in China, Mr. Liao-Fan Yuan wrote Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons with the hope that it would teach his son, Tian-Qi Yuan, how to understand true face of destiny, tell good from bad, correct his faults and practice good deeds. It also provided living proof of the benefits from practicing good deeds and cultivating virtue and humility. In relating his own experience in changing destiny, Mr. Liao-Fan Yuan was an embodiment of his teachings.
The title of this book is Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons. “Liao” means understanding and awakening. “Fan” means that if one is not a sage such as a Buddha, Bodhisattva or Arhat, then one is an ordinary person. So, “Liao-Fan” means to understand that it is not enough to be an ordinary person, we should be outstanding. When unvirtuous thoughts arise, we need to gradually eliminate them.
There are four lessons or chapters in this book. The first lesson shows how to create destiny. The second lesson explains the ways to reform. The third reveals the ways to cultivate goodness. And the fourth discloses the benefits of the virtue of humility.
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