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The Sepsis Central Quick Consult app based on the leading sepsis clinical guidelines helps identify, evaluate, and initiate the management of a patient with sepsis. The app functions include:
Diagnosis - A critical checklist for early diagnosis. Patients with sepsis often do not appear acutely ill and their symptoms can be misdiagnosed as another illness. When sepsis is not recognized and treated early, patients progress into severe sepsis. A short window of six hours can mean life or death. Researchers report that about 80 percent of patients who receive antimicrobial therapy within one hour of septic-shock-related hypotension survive; for each hour delay in intervention the survival rate decreases by 7.6 percent.1
Severity scoring systems - The app helps physicians classify patients presenting with sepsis using choice of objective scoring systems based on presenting symptoms and lab results. The score helps physicians choose a treatment regimen.
Treatment biomarkers – The app guides providers to the correct identification of the pathogen causing the sepsis as well as laboratory tests that can be utilized to monitor the worsening or bettering of severity.
1 Kumar, Anand, Roberts, D., Wood, K., Light, B., Parrillo, J., Sharma, S., Suppes, R., et al. (2006). Duration of hypotension before initiation of effective antimicrobial therapy is the critical determinant of survival in human septic shock. Critical Care Medicine, 34(6), 1589-1596

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