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Gravity Bounds Lite

Gravity Bounds Lite

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Gravity Bound - a puzzle game tha

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Gravity Bounds Lite Gravity Bounds Lite Gravity Bounds Lite Gravity Bounds Lite Gravity Bounds Lite

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Gravity Bound - a puzzle game that will blow your mind and leave you addicted! **We still have an issue with the free version on some phone model. We are working on the problem.** Gravity Bound is a puzzle game developed by MAITOP GAMES. The main goal of the game is to clear all of the bombs on each level by stacking them on each other. The free version of the app (this one) has 5 difficulties level. Each difficulty having 20 levels to unlock/complete. The free version will also receive new content every 60days. The "FULL" version is available at $0.99 and has all of the features of the free version + the hardcore difficulty level called Mindblown. New content every 30 days (instead of 60) for free. Oh, and of course - no adds! If you like our products and would like to contribute, please: buy our game, share with your friends, and visit us at maitop.ca. There's a section on the website where you can donate. Also check us out and give some love on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MobileAppsIs2OP) and follow us on Twitter(@MobileAppsis2OP)

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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