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Manasu Tho - Telugu Music

Manasu Tho - Telugu Music

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Manasu Tho - Telugu Music Manasu Tho - Telugu Music Manasu Tho - Telugu Music

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Description 'Manasu Tho' is a free music and radio app to serve Telugu Music Lovers worldwide with quality and melodious music.Manasu Tho's specialty lies in the continuous selection of the songs with special attention to the meaning (bhaavam). Highlights:- Non Stop Radio serving songs close to the heart- Several theme based channels- Best quality streaming - City/Zone Based Radio- Now playing Song details- Background play enabled- Song of the Week- Sleep Timerand more. Download and try it out. 4.0 version featuresNow Supporting Multiple Channels.City/Zone Based Radio. Song of the week. Manasu Tho's streams are of cd-quality and you will never have to worry about buffering or timeouts.Background play is enabled. Launch our app, play music and continue to use your phone for other tasks while continuing to enjoy the music in background.In addition to the main app that lets you play the 24x7 quality radio with wide variety of songs, we also have several channels that cater to special interests that a music lover may have.For example: If you choose to only listen to romantic solo songs by a male singer, there is a separate channel for that. There is a channel for listening to only romantic duets. Check out our app for full list of channels.Timer for the Radio or Channels keeps track of time played and will turn off the Music when it expires. You can sleep or relax to the melodious tunes of Manasu Tho songs ! Visit http://ManasuTho.com for additional information. Checkout our guestbook for the nice feedback we received.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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