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Find My Phone Lite

Find My Phone Lite

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Find My Phone Lite Find My Phone Lite Find My Phone Lite Find My Phone Lite Find My Phone Lite Find My Phone Lite

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Find your lost, stolen, or misplaced phone for free! Find My Phone is an important security app you want to have on your phone, as it provides a means of recovering a lost or stolen device. Note that is not an anti-virus app; we focus on one task - device recovery/finding your phone - and do it well."Best security and free find my phone app for your Android!".EASY TO USE:If you lose your phone, just send it a text message and your phone will reply to you with its: - current address- a Google Maps link- how much battery is left. With this information in hand, it's easy to find your phone! No more headaches when you lose or misplace your Android. Instructions1. Install Find My Phone. Enable GPS in Settings.2. Text '01234' to your phone and start tracking it.3. *NEW* Text '56789' to your phone to make it ring until you find it.Already lost your phone?If you're phone has Android v3.0 or below, you can remotely install Find My Phone from Google Play.GPS off?Find My Phone can automatically turn on GPS for v2.2 and below.Don't have another phone to text from?Use a free online SMS service like Google Voice or textem.net to send the text, and your phone will email it's location to you. NO ADS.No registration.Just works!Check out our premium version, the original Find My Phone app, for even better protection for your Android! For one low price, you get premium features like:- sim card monitoring- custom ringtones- remotely wipe phone- remotely lock phone

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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