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Find My Phone Security

Find My Phone Security

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Find My Phone Security Find My Phone Security Find My Phone Security Find My Phone Security Find My Phone Security Find My Phone Security

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Find your lost, stolen, or misplaced phone with Find My Phone - the original phone locator / mobile finder app for Android!
Install this important security app BEFORE you lose your phone, as it can help you recover your lost Android device by using GPS, cell tower, and wifi phone tracking technology. Once activated, Find My Phone will provide a Google Maps link to your lost phone via email and SMS for FREE.
★ Easy to Use ★
Once activated, Find My Phone will reply to you with your mobile’s location information in real time:
► Lost device's current street address
► Google Maps link
► Remaining battery percentage
★ Quick Instructions ★
► Install Find My Phone. Enable GPS in Settings.
► If you lose your phone, text '01234' to your lost phone and start tracking it.
► Text '56789' to your phone to make it ring at maximum volume until you find it.
✔ Don't have another phone to text from?
Use a free online SMS service like Google Voice or textem.net to send the text, and your phone will email it's location to you.
✔ Already lost your phone?
Remote install is supported on older devices only, v3.0 or below.
Find My Phone is the BEST cell phone locator app!
✔ No registration required
✔ No battery drain
✔ No Ads
Even after 5 YEARS of being a top security and device recovery app on Android, we continue to strive being better based on your valuable feedback.
► Check out our premium version, the original Find My Phone app, for even better protection for your Android! For one low price, you get premium features like:
✔ Sim card monitoring
✔ Custom ringtones
✔ Remotely wipe phone
✔ Remotely lock phone
It is the best alternative to android device manager, seekdroid and other similar droid finder apps.
找到你丢失,被盗或错放手机查找我的手机 - 为Android原手机定位器/手机发现者的应用程序!

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Android 4.1 以上
Google Play

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