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Delivery Status-PackageTracker

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Track Shipments, Couriers, packages!
Looking for an All-In-One tool for tracking your Packages? Don’t worry just add your Tracking number in our application and it does everything for you.
Features given by Package Tracker:
1. Helps Tracking multiple packages at a time
2. Will Help you check the most updated status of your Package
3. You can switch between Auto Update of 1 hr, 3 hrs and 6 hrs
4. Bar Code Scanning allows you to check without typing the number
5. Multiple Providers will help you not to look for different applications for different providers
6. Providers will be increased and will be added on request basis, just we need is the number and the company name from your side.
7. You can filter the Packages based on Different Status
8. You can share the Package Information in e-mail; we also support different applications like Facebook and Twitter to help you reach friends and family
9. Auto Update Feature will automatically update the package information and also update the Providers List if any new providers are added into the existing list. User will be notified whenever he will start the application
10. Customize the app to your needs and make visible/hide those providers which you don’t need
11. User can delete, refresh and edit the information as per their requirement for a certain package
12. Details and Log screen will help you assist to view specific information as per your need.
13. We currently support these providers, but we wish to add many more:
Aramex, Australia Post, BlueDart, Canada Post, China Air Post, China Post, Correios Brazil, Correios Spain, DHL, DHL Germany, DHL PAKET, DTDC, EMS China, Ensenda, FedEx, FirstFlight, Flipkart, Gati India, GLS Germany, Hongkong Post, India Post, Japan Post, Neelgiri(NCPL) India, Post Danmark, Posten Sweden, Professional, Purolator, Royal Mail UK, South African PO, SmartPost, Thailand Post, TNT India, UPS, USPS
We would love to hear your thoughts so we can continue to create a better experience for you.

Delivery Status-PackageTracker 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Added more providers like EMS, DTDC, India Post and others on users demand
Automatic refresh for latest providers, providers will be added dynamically
Reduced the response time from server and improved results

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Android 1.6 以上

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