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True-Budget Freedom to Spend

True-Budget Freedom to Spend

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True-Budget Freedom to Spend True-Budget Freedom to Spend True-Budget Freedom to Spend True-Budget Freedom to Spend

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The easiest and most powerful budget app around. It helps you figure out what you can safely spend right now, and all you have to enter is your current balance. Drop your cashbook and try it now!This is the 10-day free trial....What do I get out of it?Afford-It helps you get control of your personal finances by helping you make smarter decisions about your money. With Afford-It, you know how much you can safely spend today, and you never hit rock bottom before your paycheck has arrived.How easy is it? Well, this easy!1. Enter your current balance2. Find out how much you can spend today3. Never worry about running out of money againWhat does it do?Afford-It asks you for your current balance, and it gives you your real budget: the part you're free to spend, including a per-day amount. It also shows you what expenses are coming up soon.Is it useful for me?If you are done with entering and uploading all your expenses and incomes, then Afford-It is the app for you. Be aware that the current version can only do monthly incomes and expenses (not weekly or biweekly).Does it support my bank?Yes. Afford-It does not connect to your bank account, so all banks are good. The only data going into Afford-It is the list of income and expenses that you enter on setup (just once).Will it balance my checkbook?No. Afford-It helps you look ahead, not backward: you enter today's balance, and Afford-It looks into the near future to tell you what spending power you have.This is the 10-day free trial. The full version will be coming out in late April 2012 at a price of around US$3 or €2.What if I don't like it?You could try two major online apps that allow you to upload and categorize your expenses: Mint and PocketSmith. Mint also has a mobile version called Mint.com Personal Finance.And mobile apps?There are many checkbook apps for Android. Solid ones are EasyMoney, Easy Envelope, Expense Manager, Money Lover, and Cashbook. These apps allow you to enter your expenses, so that you can keep track of them.Why does Afford-It not work that way?Keeping track of your expenses teaches you a lot about the past, but to stay in control we think you will need something more: a tool to help you make smart decisions about your spending today and tomorrow.

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Android 2.3.7 以上
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