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CycleDroid – bike computer

CycleDroid – bike computer

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CycleDroid – bike computer CycleDroid – bike computer CycleDroid – bike computer CycleDroid – bike computer CycleDroid – bike computer CycleDroid – bike computer

CycleDroid – bike computer 描述

CycleDroid allows for tracking your movement using GPS and display parameters such as: speed, distance, time, altitude, elevation, slope, burned calories, fat and many more. A route can be shown on a map and published on Facebook. The application allows for creating trips and assigning collected data to a specified trip. There is also a possibility to see a summary of selected trips: total distance, time etc.
All data collected by the application can be exported to an SD card in the CSV format and then imported to another device with CycleDroid. It is also possible to save data to a GPX (GPS eXchange Format) or KML file and see a route on a map on a computer (for instance in Google Earth).
CycleDroid provides also a feature of drawing graphs: altitude/distance, speed/distance, speed/time. You can easily zoom in/out a graph using multi-touch. The application allows for saving a particular graph or its part as an image file.
– precise location (GPS and network-based) – to track movement,
– modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, test access to protected storage – for importing and exporting trips,
– prevent device from sleeping – to keep tracking enabled when a phone is not being used,
– full network access, view network connections, read Google service configuration – for Google Maps and Facebook.
Feel free to rate, report bugs in the application or translations, leave your opinions in comments and contact me either directly or by CycleDroid Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/cycledroid. If you like this application, rate it on this site. If you would like to help me and participate in the translation of CycleDroid, enter this site: http://crowdin.net/project/cycledroid.
- 精确定位(GPS和基于网络的) - 追踪运动,
- 修改或删除您的USB存储,测试访问受保护存储的内容 - 导入和导出行程,
- 阻止设备进入休眠 - 保持跟踪启用时不使用手机,
- 完全网络访问,查看网络连接,谷歌阅读服务配置 - 谷歌地图和Facebook。
随意评价,报告错误的应用程序或翻译,留下您的意见,意见及不论直接或通过CycleDroid Facebook的个人主页联系我:http://www.facebook.com/cycledroid。如果您喜欢这个应用程序,评分在这个网站。如果你想帮助我,参加CycleDroid的翻译,进入这个网站:http://crowdin.net/project/cycledroid。

CycleDroid – bike computer 更新内容

– Spanish version – thanks to Francisco M. Román for the translation,
– smoother graphs,
– bug fixes,
– minor improvements in the translations.

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CycleDroid – bike computer 信息

Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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