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100+ Baby Food Recipe Lite

100+ Baby Food Recipe Lite

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100+ Baby Food Recipe Lite 100+ Baby Food Recipe Lite 100+ Baby Food Recipe Lite 100+ Baby Food Recipe Lite

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The benefits of making your own baby food are enormous ...
- You know exactly what your baby is eating - none of the dreaded "fillers" commonly found in commercial baby food
- You know that the ingredients are fresh and healthy
- You can "tailor make" your baby's food to best suit his/her preferences and needs
- You will save money. These homemade baby food recipes cost a fraction of the price of ready made foods
- And most importantly ... making your own baby food is tremendously satisfying - for you AND your baby.
Are you concerned that you don't have enough time to make your own baby food?
It's not nearly as time consuming as you might think! On the baby food preparation and storage page you'll learn how to prepare batches of food quickly and easily. After all, cooking for baby should not be a chore - but a PLEASURE!
To keep things simple, recipes on this site are grouped according to age - so you can be sure that the ingredients are safe and appropriate for YOUR baby.
Key points to remember when making homemade baby food & introducing solid foods
ALWAYS consult your pediatrician prior to beginning any new food for your infant. Discuss making homemade baby food with your pediatrician
ALWAYS follow the 4 day wait rule when introducing a new food to baby - offer your baby the same new food for 4 days to test for allergies to that food. This applies even when you are making homemade baby food. Never introduce more than 1 new food at a time. 

ALWAYS use clean hands, clean cooking utensils, preparation surface(s), pots/pans etc when making and and preparing homemade baby food. Cleanliness and Food Safety is a MUST when making homemade baby food.
And Finally All babies are different and will not like/tolerate the same foods or food textures. Do Not Despair. You should be willing to experiment with baby solid food for your baby. Offer your baby different foods, use different ways of preparing those baby foods and be willing to have a huge store of patience.
- 你知道你的宝宝吃的到底是什么 - 没有商​​业婴儿食品中常见的可怕的“填料”
- 你知道的成分是新鲜和健康
- 你可以“量身定做”宝宝的食物,最适合他/她的喜好和需求
- 您将节省的钱。这些自制婴儿食品配方的成本的一小部分现成的食品价​​格
- 最重要的是...使自己的婴儿食品是极其满意 - 为您和您的宝宝。
耗时几乎没有像你想象!婴儿食品准备和储存页面,您将学习如何快速,轻松地准备批次食品。毕竟,给宝宝做饭不应该是一个苦差事 - 而是一种乐趣!
为了简单起见,在此网站上的食谱按年龄分组 - 所以你可以肯定的成分是安全的,适合你的宝宝。
始终遵循4天的等待规则给宝宝介绍一种新的食物时 - 你的宝宝提供相同的新的4天测试食物过敏的食物。这也适用于当你正在自制婴儿食品。决不引进的时间超过1个新的食品。始终使用干净的手,清洁的烹调用具,准备表面(次),盆/盘等时和准备自制婴儿食品。自制婴儿食品,清洁和食品安全是一个必须。

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