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Download Cue Sheets from RideWithGPS.com to your phone and use Maps and GPS to guide you through your ride.
You know how well the navigation apps work on your phone, they can get you from point A to point B. However, when you are cycling for fitness you may want to get from point A around a specific route, back to point A. You can use web pages like RideWithGPS.com to create a cue sheet that will help you plot a course that will give you the miles you need for training or the views you want for sight-seeing and create a cue sheet. This app helps you follow that cue sheet using the GPS built into your phone.
CueSheet Pro Pack will announce turns and directions using your phone's built-in voices. This will allow you to keep your attention on the road rather than on the screen while you are riding. Off-course detection (BETA feature) will alert you when you've wondered off course. Note: Since this is still in BETA you can disable it in the preferences screen if it gets in your way.But we thought it was so useful that we wanted to get it out to you as soon as possible.
NEW: The Pro Pack also now lets you download the full map while you are connected to WiFi and then use the map on the road where the data connection might be spotty or expensive.
Download cue sheets for bicycle and motorcycle rides. Cue Sheet uses the Map and GPS to help you navigate your route. Great for those long training rides for cycling. Don't waste time getting lost. You'll never miss that great climb or view you planned to see. Use http://www.ridewithgps.com to create a course then import the cue sheet directly into this app.
Also has a more traditional cue-sheet view that can run with the GPS turned off so you can save your battery.
Please report any issues via email to me through the Google Play Store or to http://www.cuesheetapp.com. If you tell me about any problems directly it can be resolved faster than by leaving a negative review!
New: ProPack In app purchase Adds Voice Guided Navigation and optional metric units. Special Introductory Sale Price of $3.99
This app uses the GPS when in automatic Navigation Mode. This can consume a lot of battery. Consider using Options to have GPS on Map only and turning off voice prompts (under Preferences) while using the traditional Cue Sheet List if you are going to use it for a really long ride.
You can import a .gpx file from bikely.com (under its share menu). Download the file, transfer it to your phone and use the menu->Load option in Cue Sheet to import the file. If anyone knows anyone at bikely.com, we'd love to get access to an API to automate this process. GPX import is currently slow. Future versions will improve this.
Listing nearby rides only works for RideWithGPS.com.
This app requires Mobile Internet to download routes and the map. Data charges from your data provider may apply.
Free version requires you to manually advance the directions. Automatic directions are in the Pro Pack for just $8 US ($3.99 Special introductory price). Pro Pack also gives you the option to choose Metric distances and turns off ads. The Pro Pack is included in future so you keep the features as Cue Sheet continues to improve.
ProPack will stay active across new devices, and upgrades of CueSheet as long as you have to keep the same Google Play account that you used to purchased the app.
Please be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don't operate the Cue Sheet App in a way that will endanger you or others on the road.
您可以导入从bikely.com一个。GPX文件(根据其份额菜单)。下载文件,将其传送到您的手机,并使用菜单 - >加载选项提示表要导入的文件。如果有人知道任何人bikely.com,我们很想得到访问的API自动完成这一过程。 GPX进口,目前缓慢。未来的版本将改善这一点。
免费版本需要您手动前进方向。自动方向是支持者只需$ 8 US(3.99美元特别推广价)。支持者还为您提供了选择公制距离的选项,并关闭广告。支持者包括在将来让你不停的特点提示表持续改善。

Cue Sheet 更新内容

V 2.241: Fixed Crash on Android 5.x
V 2.339: Fixed latest connection issues with RWGPS.
V 2.327: Fixed Rides downloading due to change on RWGPS
V 2.313: Fixed Crash on selecting downloaded ride.
V 2.312: Pre-Download maps before your ride to save on broadband charges. V 2.278: Improved Map Icons. Off-course warning (BETA).
V 2: Major Upgrade!
Turn By Turn Directions With English Voice Prompts in the CueSheetProPack in-app-purchase
Can lock screen rotation.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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