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NZBAir Free - Usenet Browser下载

NZBAir Free - Usenet Browser

NZBAir Free - Usenet Browser

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NZBAir Free - Usenet Browser NZBAir Free - Usenet Browser NZBAir Free - Usenet Browser NZBAir Free - Usenet Browser

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Bring Usenet to your mobile in a fast, simple to use app. NZBAir lets you browse some of the most popular Usenet search engines on the web such as Newzbin, NZBMatrix, NZB.su, NZBIndex, NZBRUs and even supports Newznab so you can setup your own search engine from home.Like NZBAir free? Want to take a poke around NZBAir Premium before buying? Check out: http://appsurfer.com/apps/3-nzbairFeatures:* Search & Search NZBMatrx, Newzbin, NZBIndex, NZB.su, NZBRUs, NZBClub & Newznab* Fast One-Time-Setup web-page* Contextual search within categories* Bookmark NZBMatrix & Newzbin posts (great for managing your download box!)* Download NZB Metadata to your phone* Save searches & categories for fast access* SSL Support* Android Tablet supportRequirements:* Premium NZBMatrix or Newzbin account* Free NZB.su account (you can get this on their website)* SDCard for local downloadsFAQ:* NZBMatrix only provide 50 posts. Drop them a mail requesting them to expose more if you'd like to see this feature* NZBMatrix doesn't expose comments so sadly it cannot be incorporated into the appComments from the developer:If you have any recommendations or need some help getting started feel free to drop me a line. Don't forget to check out the website URL as that contains a list of helpful hints.Drop me a mail at miles at mnetcs dot com

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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