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Blazing fast downloads with Download Blazer. Download Blazer is easy-to-use, free download manager for your Android devices. Downnload Blazer with boost your download speed and make your downloads more reliable with download resume support. This is free ad-supported version of Download Blazer. If you like this app consider buying ad-free Download Blazer PRO. You purchase supports future development of the app. Key Features:• Increased download speed• Pause/resume your downloads• Continue disconnected downloads• Organize your downloads in queue• Download all file types from the web - except YouTube videos as prohibited by Google How to use it:You can start download by pressing the file you want to download in your web browser. In some cases you might need to long press the link and choose "Share Link" followed by "Download Blazer". Supported browsers:• Stock browser (simple click OR long press then "Share Link" -> "Download Blazer")• Chrome (simple click OR long press then "Copy link address", then go to Download Blazer and press the + sign, the like address should paste automatically)• Dolphin (simple click OR long press then "Share Link" -> "Download Blazer")• Skyfire (long press then "Share Link" -> "Download Blazer")• Firefox (long press then "Share Link" -> "Download Blazer")• Boat Browser (simple click then "Open" OR long press then "Share Link" -> "Download Blazer") Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are NOT supported, because the way the browsers are coded by their developers.

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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