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A to Z for Kids

A to Z for Kids

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A to Z for Kids A to Z for Kids A to Z for Kids A to Z for Kids A to Z for Kids A to Z for Kids

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“Toddle into the world of Alphabets”.
Explore your Kids’ knowledge with "A to Z for Kids”, an Android app which is fun filled, entertaining & interactive application for kids motivating them to learn the basics of alphabets from A to Z. It includes the unique feature of “Drag to match balloon with similar letters” making it a fun way for kids to learn the names of animals, birds, fruits and flowers.
- Recognize animals, birds, fruits and flowers.
- Spell and pronounce particular animal, bird, fruit or flower.
- Plays sounds of animals or birds smoothly.
- Pronounce the name of the animals,birds,fruits or flowers
- A baby walker to English Phonetics
- Choose letters from the list.
- Navigate back and forth on a swipe / tap with page animation.
- Play with interactive balloon game that has fun filled sounds.
- Match the balloon with similar letters.
- 'Smash the letter' - Identify correct letter by smashing it.
Now app can be moved to SD-CARD
mi A to Z will be grateful to get your feedback and also look forward for your suggestions and comments.
- 认识的动物,鸟类,水果和鲜花。
- 拼写和发音特别是动物,鸟类,水果或花。
- 播放声音的动物或鸟类的顺利进行。
- 在发音动物,鸟类,水果或花的名称
- 婴儿学步车英语音标
- 从列表中选择字母。
- 导航来回轻扫/水龙头网页动画。
- 玩互动游戏气球有充满乐趣的声音。
- 匹配类似字母的气球。
- “粉碎字母' - 砸它确定正确的字母。
MI A到Z会感​​激得到您的反馈,同时也期待您的建议和意见。

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Minor Bug Fixes and optimization

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Android 1.6 以上
Google Play

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