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Transport Info Transport Info Transport Info Transport Info

Transport Info 描述

Download the free official NSW Government Transport Info 131500 app for up-to-date trip planning details and maps for using train, bus and ferry services across greater metropolitan Sydney.

Includes next services, A to B trip planner, maps and public transport updates. If you have GPS capabilities on your phone, the app already knows where you are, and can point you to the relevant stop, station or ferry wharf. Depending on your mobile data plan, normal mobile data charges may apply as you use the app.

With this app you can:

* See all services departing next from any location, and from your current location if you have GPS capabilities on your phone

* Search for a destination

* Tailor trip plans to include a certain midpoint or to use a certain transport mode

* One tap to reverse trip plans

* Use your phone contacts/address book to plan trips

* View service information including delays, interruptions, diversions and track work

* View wheelchair accessible trips

* Save your favourite trips and locations

Transport Info 更新内容

* Faster, improved map* Display of departure times on the map in the tooltip* Added additional links in notes and disruptions* Improved marking of differing departure/trip dates* New option for using close-by stops* Fixed some smaller bugs

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Transport Info 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上
Transport for NSW

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