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Fish Logger Lite for Android allows you to quickly and easily document your fishing trips on your Android powered device. Fish Logger is the most feature rich Android fish logging application on the market. It is also the most extensively documented and most regularly updated app available. It's the ultimate fishing tracker!
A detailed user guide is available at: www.logyourcatch.com
Try it for free today!
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Fish Logging
- Track the fisherman, fish species, bait, length, weight and a photo of each fish caught.
- Record additional details for each catch in the notes field.
- Automatically records the date, time and location of each catch.
- Utilizes GPS satellites for accurate position data.
- Automatically includes the current weather conditions for every catch.
- Plots each catch on a Google Map.
- Choose from either map or satellite view.
- Display up to 9 previous trips on the map at one time to visualize catch patterns.
- Supports metric and US standard units of measure.
Edit Logged Fish
- Make a mistake while logging a catch? No problem!
- Edit all catch details for each catch at any time.
- Select a different catch photo from the Gallery.
Save Time on the Water
- Set up your data before the fishing trip.
- Preset bait, fisherman, waterways, fish and trips.
- Select data from simple drop down lists when logging a catch.
Data Security
- Back up your data to the SD card.
- Optionally copy it to your PC for safe keeping.
Data Exports
- Export all of your catch data as a spreadsheet.
- Export all catch data as a KML file and open it in Google Earth.
Moon Phase
- Includes a moon phase (solunar) calendar that shows the moon phase for your location.
Weather Forecast
- Check the current conditions and the weather forecast for your upcoming trip!
- Weather includes location, condition, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity and visibility.
- Displays the current sunrise and sunset times.
- Contains a 5 day weather forecast.
Bait Details
- Include bait type, make, model, length, weight, color and a photo of the bait.
Trip Details
- Includes the trip date, fishermen on the trip, water clarity and generic trip notes.
Trip Reports
- View detailed trip reports for every fishing trip.
- Trip reports include all data collected during the trip.
- Click to display a full size photo of every fish caught.
- Catches by Bait Report
- Catches by Angler Report
- Catches by Species Report
- Catches by Trip Report
- Send any trip via email to a friend.
- Send a nicely formatted trip report by email that includes all fish caught on a trip.
User Interface
- Simple, modern user interface.
- Highly contrasting colors for excellent visibility in direct sunlight.
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INTERNET - Download Google Map data, download weather information.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Download Google Map data, download weather information.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Store Catch photos to the SD card.
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - Provide accurate GPS location for marking fish catches.
Coming soon:
- Enhanced GPS navigation for use on rivers, lakes and the ocean (saltwater).
- Setup waypoints and navigate back to them.
- Display waypoint location, bearing, time to arrival, distance and speed.
- Fish finder tool.
- Enhanced fishing log book for use by tournament and recreational fisherman alike.
- Keep a detailed fishing journal.
- This app will become your electronic fishin' buddy and companion.
- Mobile fishing advisor to help you chose the correct lure and tackle.
- Support for additional species: perch, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, striped bass, trout, salmon, northern pike, muskie (musky), catfish, crappie, drum, gar, sauger, bluegill, rock bass, carp, sunfish.
如果您喜欢这个应用程序,并想删除的广告,请考虑从Android Market购买鱼类记录仪专业。
- 追踪的渔民,鱼类,诱饵,长度,重量和每个捕获的鱼的照片。
- 记录每个catch在备注字段中的其他详细信息。
- 自动记录日期,时间和地点的每一个catch。
- 利用GPS卫星的准确位置数据。
- 自动为每个catch包括目前的天气状况。
- 在谷歌地图绘制每个catch。
- 无论从地图或卫星视图中进行选择。
- 最多可显示9以往的旅行在地图上,在同一时间,可视化捕捞的模式。
- 支持公制和美国标准度量单位。
- 犯了一个错误,同时记录一个catch?没问题!
- 编辑每个捕捞的渔获物的详细信息,在任何时候。
- 选择一个不同的捕获照片画廊。
- 将您的数据之前的钓鱼之旅。
- 预设的诱饵,渔民,水路,鱼和旅行。
- 从简单的下拉列表中选择数据时记录一个catch。
- 将数据备份到SD卡上。
- 选择性地将它复制到你的电脑保管。
- 导出作为一个电子表格中的所有渔获量数据。
- 所有渔获量数据导出为KML文件,并在谷歌地球中打开它。
- 一个月亮的阶段(SOLUNAR)的日历,月相显示您的位置。
- 检查当前的环境和天气状况的预测为即将到来的旅行!
- 天气,包括位置,状态,风速和风向,气压,湿度和知名度。
- 显示当前的日出和日落时间。
- 包含了5天的天气预报。
- 诱饵类型,型号,长度,重量,颜色和照片的诱饵。
- 包括旅行日期,渔民就行了,水的清澈度和一般的旅行笔记。
- 查看详细的考察报告,为每一个钓鱼之旅。
- 旅行报告,包括在旅途中收集的所有数据。
- 点击显示每条鱼引起了一个全尺寸的照片。
- 渔获诱饵报告
- 渔获钓鱼报告
- 渔获物种的报告
- 渔获量的旅程报告
- 通过电子邮件发送给朋友发送任何行程。
- 发送一个很好的格式化的述职报告通过电子邮件,其中包括所有在旅途中捕获的鱼。
- 简单的,现代的用户界面。
- 高对比鲜明的色彩在阳光直射下的可视性优秀。
INTERNET - 谷歌地图数据下载,下载天气信息。
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - 谷歌地图数据下载,下载天气信息。
- 增强型GPS导航仪上使用的河流,湖泊和海洋(海水)。
- 设置航点和导航还给他们。
- 显示航点的位置,轴承,抵达时间,距离和速度。
- 探鱼器的工具。
- 增强的渔捞日志簿,用于比赛和休闲渔民的一致好评。
- 使用一个详细的钓鱼杂志。
- 此应用程序将成为您的电子钓鱼的朋友和伴侣。
- 移动钓鱼顾问,以帮助您选择正确的鱼饵,渔具。
- 支持其他物种:鲈鱼,小口黑鲈,大口黑鲈,鼓眼鱼,鲈鱼,鳟鱼,鲑鱼,白斑狗鱼,马斯基(麝香),鲶鱼,刺盖太阳,鼓,噶尔,sauger,蓝鳃太阳鱼,岩低音,鲤鱼,翻车鱼。

Fish Logger Lite 更新内容

- Removed Fish Detail sliders
- Added support for metric grams
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
The application is always under active development.
Please provide feedback and issue reports to: help@logyourcatch.com

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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