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Follow your FAVORITE content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and get instant notifications.

Bandwagon brings together everything you love about social media and group messaging in a way that’s never been done before. Experience and share the things you follow on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram in your own personalized streams called “Wagons”.

Search a topic, person, event – whatever your passion. We’ll find what content is out there in the social/internet world and let you select which streams to put into your Wagon. Then sit back and experience the content you want, when you want it in real-time.

Create a Wagon about anything from Astronomy to Zumba, and you’ll receive tweets, photos, videos, and posts about the things you love. Wagons are always more fun with friends, so invite them to join and chat as the content streams in real-time. Find an interesting tid-bit? Share it publicly to Facebook or Tweet it to your followers. 

Missing the game? Keep score and trash talk with your friends on your “Football Wagon." Kick back and share a laugh with friends on your “Humor Wagon." Who has the latest celeb news…your “Gossip” Wagon of course! Search for anything, invite your friends, and enjoy the “new ride.”

Plus, experience Instagram in a new way – follow Instagram #hashtags (instead of friends) and tap to zoom in on Instagram images.

Get the stuff you really want & share amongst friends – delivered to you all in one place!

How does it work?

Build your own Wagon
Step 1: Type in anything you’re passionate about – people, places, events
Step 2: Select available streams from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
Step 3: Name your Wagon and invite friends who share that interest to join!


Choose a Popular Wagon around your favorite Music, Celebs, Sports, TV/Movies, Tech, Politics, etc.


☆ Social Media Curation: Get content from your favorite social media sites; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. (More streams coming soon…)
☆ Group Message: Invite friends to jump on your Wagon and start a group chat.
☆ Personalized Notifications: No more notification overload! Decide what when/how you get notified about new content and when/how you get notified about new messages from friends.
☆ Easy “Public” Share: Want to share content from your Wagon directly to your Facebook wall or Twitter? Tap on the content, then tap Share!
☆ Flexibility: Works over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and LTE.


"It’s a new way of slicing the social graph" - Xconomy

"The beauty of bandwagon is that it promises not to “over notify” its users, but rather provide them with only the content they want when they want it." – BostInno

“The guys at HeyWire have come up with something entirely new." - MobileWorld

Jump on bandwagon now!

Want to connect with us?
Visit www.bandwagon.me
Follow us at @bandwagonMe on Twitter or
Become a fan on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bandwagonme

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Rename your Wagons and change wagon cover images

Instagram zoom feature

Tablet layout fixes

Bug fixes


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Android 2.2.x 以上



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