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SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore'

SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore'

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SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' 截图

SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore'

SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' 描述

SAMSUNG NX Learn & Explore
※ The smartphone version and the tablet version of NX Learn & Explore application is different. For tablet users, please download the NX Learn & Explore HD version.
Introducing SAMSUNG ‘NX Learn & Explore’ Application from Samsung Electronics.
SAMSUNG ‘NX Learn & Explore’ Application provides Samsung NX200 User Instruction, Shooting Guide and Tips with high quality images making it easy to understand and fun to learn. The application is also full of interesting and useful information such as main features of NX camera and lens line-up, sample image gallery, as well as lens recommendation depending on shooting conditions and you can virtually experience camera and lens combination.
- NX Guide: Provides NX200 Guide Book, shooting guide and Tips for users to easily and diversely utilize NX200
- NX Gallery: Sample pictures taken with Samsung NX Camera and various lenses
- NX System: Provides main features and design of Samsung NX camera and lenses, matching accessories, Sample gallery, User Manual etc
- Find Your Best Lens: Recommends the best (ideal) lens from wide range of Samsung lenses depending on shooting conditions
- Virtual Combination: Users can select NX camera and lens to experience virtual combination and also check sample pictures taken with different combination
- NX Videos: Provides TV ads related to Samsung NX Camera, Reviews, How-to Videos
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SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:ADD NEW Content

- NX 1000 Gallery

- NX 210 Gallery

- New Videos

SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' 历史版本

SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' 使用技巧

SAMSUNG 'NX Learn & Explore' 信息

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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