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MEDimaging Case MEDimaging Case MEDimaging Case MEDimaging Case

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**Since june 2012, more than 15.000 radiologists worldwide, have downloaded Medimaging Case.
**One new case each day. Presented at 25th European Congress of Radiology in Vienna (03.2013) and in Le Quotidien des JFR 2012 Paris.
The Medimaging Case application is strictly Educational, it is not intended for Diagnostic or Commercial purposes (free app, no ads), but simply for the pleasure of sharing interesting and educational imaging medical cases. You have an illustrative case on your screen, take a picture of it and share it instantly with other physicians and students worldwide.
It’s a sort of Radiology Tweeter.
This App is for radiologists, physicians, educators and students.
1. Tweet your case
The primary purpose of this app is to share your knowledge and experience with physicians and students worldwide by submitting an illustrative and informative medical imaging case.
2. Pocket Atlas
This app will also allow you to build a Pocket Atlas of the most frequent disease states and what they look like on radiographics, ultrasound, CT or MRI.
We all see new cases every day. So be part of it, submit your instructive case. The one you present today from Boston or Rio de Janeiro may tomorrow help a colleague in Paris or Singapore, and vice versa.
It will take you less than 30 sec to share it. All you need is your iPhone's photo function and an internet connection ( Wifi or 3G).
Tip: if you don’t have an internet connection in your CT or MRI environment, you can Save your Case in the usual Apple Photo Album and Send it later when you are connected again (clic again on "Submit your Case" and select the 3rd choice)
ONE restriction. For copyright reasons, don't take any pictures from a book, magazine, poster, conference presentation or any kind of medium which doesn't belong to you.
By submitting your contribution to Medimaging Case you certify that no copyright exists on the contribution or that you own copyright on the material being submitted. Only YOUR own case can be sent to us, the case you are studying in your office, on your screen, right now.
All pictures and commentary you send to Medimaging Case become copyright free.
This Pocket Atlas will grow with your help. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

MEDimaging Case 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Add push notifications with new cases
- Add cases number on sub categories
- Add country of origin of the case

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