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Currency Plus Calculator Currency Plus Calculator Currency Plus Calculator Currency Plus Calculator

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A combination of a Currency Converter with a full-featured calculator, perfect for travel shopping!
To use it, select any two currencies by clicking on the flags. Whatever figure you calculate is shown in both currencies.
To enter an exchange fee (commission) do Menu -> Settings -> Select a commission rate. The default is zero. When you enter a commission the exchange rate is adjusted to give you the amount net of the commission, with the commission you are paying shown in both currencies.
Supports 146 currencies (everything in Yahoo Finance) plus Gold, Silver Platinum and Palladium.
I Made a *slight* change to the way the Cuban Peso and the Chinese Yuan are handled (you may post a comment if you agree that this what they deserve. You may also post a comment if you don't ...) There are also some Easter Eggs for the Egyptian, Libyan, Syrian and Myanmar currencies :-)
The percent button works differently than a regular calculator (but it is more useful), it is used to subtract a discount. When a merchant gives you a discount, for example, 10% on a $100 purchase, use it like this:
100 % 10 = 90
You can see a list of all the currencies with the exchange rates by using: Menu -> See all currencies. The list has the currency symbol, the name, the countries that use the currency and the exchange rate (both ways) into whatever currency you selected as the From currency. The major currencies are listed first, then the rest in alphabetical order by country.
Rates are updated from Yahoo Finance. There is an option in the settings to update automatically every time that you open the app. To refresh manually do Menu -> Update from Yahoo
There are also options in the menu for a 1-click call to find currency exchange locations and banks. These options use the Google Maps app. Most phones have the Google Maps app pre-installed, but if not you can download the Google Maps app from the Android Market yourself.
This app is ad-supported. There is also a donate version without ads for $1, please look for Currency+Calculator Donate in the Android Market.
Note: The app uses the SD Card to store the rates.You cannot use this app while you are connected to your PC via USB.
For feedback and support please email to:
I am always happy to add new features and improvements. If you like this app and find it useful, please post a review to let other Android users know of the app.
Permissions: Internet for the Yahoo Rates and the ads, Read and Write to External Storage (the SD Card) to store the latest rates, location (GPS and Network) for the Exchange Rate and Bank Finder, Access Network State and Read Phone State needed by Admob. This app does not read or send your phone number or any personal information anywhere.
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此版本中的新功能:* Added support for the Ghanian Cedi (GHC)
* New options to update all currencies (including Ghanian Cedi, slower) or only those available from Yahoo (faster)
* New option to show which countries use each currency

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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