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*This app is built for the Galaxy Note and other Samsung pen devices.
*GPS tracking requires installation of the OpenGPSTracker program
DigiBlog, the awesome new travel app created by the Mezcode team in Silicon Valley. Inspired by the love of travel, DigiBlog does not fit easily into a box or into a single category for the Samsung Note S Pen Challenge, encompassing many uses of media and sharing for those with the wanderlust for travel around the globe, or sharing whats going on in your neck of the woods. The DigiBlog app was created by a group led by Elizabeth Mezias, of four developers and a graphic artist who connected from outside California, collaborating via internet. The team were up to the challenge and quickly created a fully featured, multi-media, social sharing, location tracking powerhouse.
How does all of this awesomness work, you ask? DigiBlog starts by offering to record a location track, give it a name and voila, you are recording photos, videos, audio recordings, text, speech to text and even pen drawings are possible. From there, users can add to an existing trip or start a new one.
DigiBlog has the ability to tag all of the text notes and recordings with an embedded SQLite Database, so all your stuff is stored on the device for fast access. Want GPS tracking? You can do that too. The pen editor is equipped with the standard controls so you can rock your drawings and you also get the undo and redo, erase features as well. Pen controls are divided into color and brush selections. The Mezcode team’s color selection is simpler than the default settings panel, separating the brush from the color picker, giving you more control to change colors, set the opacity and use the highlight marker. If the SDK allows, we can enable all of the pens to set the opacity.
People outside Silicon Valley often do not realize the power in their hands. They see the device as a phone and camera, with little more than that. Recognition of learning barriers for non tech types puts the user experience at a high priority, especially the ease of use. We have incorporated that into our navigation and design. Such as creating a text note in old school or created using the speech to text capability, DigiBlog will now open an edit text box and the soft keyboard on screen so that you know exactly what to do. The save button is clear and obvious and you can cancel without saving.
*GPS tracking requires installation of the OpenGPSTracker program
* GPS跟踪需要安装OpenGPSTracker程序
怎么这一切awesomne​​ss工作,你问? DigiBlog开始通过提供录制位置的轨道,给它一个名称,瞧,你正在录制的照片,视频,录音,文字,语音到文本,甚至钢笔画是可能的。从那里,用户可以添加到现有的跳闸或启动一个新的。
* GPS跟踪需要安装OpenGPSTracker程序

DigiBlog 更新内容

*GPS tracks requires installation of the OpenGPSTracker program*
Can edit and add new media to existing tracks
Upgraded Samsung Pen SDK version to a more stable 2.1
Fixed bugs, especially the array crash in the Review Gallery
Added additional screen sizes
Corrected layout on smaller size screens
Coded a fix for a null pointer exception reported on the Review screen

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play



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