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智能提醒 描述

This is a fully functioning trial version of Intelligent Reminder.
Intelligent Reminder turns your phone into a location-sensitive and contact-sensitive
reminder tool. You associate locations and/or contacts with information for which you wish
to be reminded, and when you enter that location, or when you call or are called by the
contact, the system sends you an alert, thereby reminding you of things you need to do at
that location, or to talk about with that contact. Don't let opportunity pass you by! Use
Intelligent Reminder.
• Intelligent Reminder addresses two types of reminders:
location-based, and contact-based. Just like a
calendar alerts you to events on a time
and date basis, Intelligent Reminder alerts you
about needs you have at a location.
Also, Intelligent Reminder can give you alerts
on a contact-basis. This means that when you
call a person or that person calls you,
you receive an alert reminder you of what you
needed to talk to that person about.
• Intelligent Reminder is not a game or a toy,
nor is it an experiment. It is a serious,
user-oriented, productivity tool. It is robust,
and most importantly, it is reliable.
Every thing in it is geared towards
functionality and usefulness.
• Locations can be specified using "here",
an address, a contact name (and the system
will use that contact's address), and
a business name (and the system finds
all the locations of that business in the
• In addition to keyboard input functions, the
following voice-enabled interfacing features
provide for a safer hands-off experience:
• Voice Command technology provides simple
voice input, thereby allowing you to create a
"reminder" with a single push of a button. You say,
"I need aspirin location Walgreens",
and the you're all set up to be reminded
of this the next time you come near a
Walgreens store.
• Voice prompting (TTS) also allows you to
enter reminders and locations hands-free.
You push a single button and the system
gives you voice prompts for what you
need to say. It gives you feed back
during this process, so you can be
sure of what you're entering. You
never have to take your eyes off
of the road.
• Location alerts can be spoken. This
is a very useful feature, since we're
often in our car when we receive
location alerts.
• Intelligent Reminder turns itself on
automatically after you re-boot your
phone. You'll never miss an alert.
• When you receive a location alert, you
can have the system map it for you, and/or
navigate you to it.
• Network/sync securely with one or more phones
so that your reminders are shared. Thus, if your
partner happens to be in the vicinity of one of
your locations, he or she gets the alert. You
also have the ability to designate that a reminder
be "public" (shared to your partner phones),
or "private" (only applies to you).
This feature is great for clubs or groups, as
well as families.
• Contact alerts present themselves as an
unobtrusive popup immediately upon initiating
or receiving a call. The popup is in view
until you close it, thus informing you of what
needs to be discussed with this contact
while you're still on the phone.
• A sophisticated algorithm minimizes
battery drain, while at the same time
keeping you alerted.

智能提醒 更新内容

• v5.01
Voice alert includes Navigation.
• v5.00
- Major new function: View all of your
needs at one glance on a map. Think of it like a calendar,
except that it's for location-sensitive needs, rather
than time-sensitive ones.
- Bug: alerts weren't honoring phone's mute, vibrate, and sound settings.
• v4.15
- Bug fix: Business searches stopped working (Yahoo stopped their api).
Now using a quicker, more robust Google api.
- Specify Locations via a map.

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Android 3.0.x 以上
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