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Cats of the world

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Cats of the world Cats of the world Cats of the world Cats of the world Cats of the world Cats of the world

Cats of the world 描述

Illustrated guide with breeds of cats is always at hand in your phone! Browse through colorful photographs, read interesting stories about popular and rare breeds.
Key features of this application:
● It contains no advertisements of any kind
● Internet access is not needed for this program
● More than 60 known breeds of cats
● More than 250 quality photographs of cats
● Any photo could be viewed in full size
● History of breed's discovery
● Description for every breed (appearance, typical behavior, required care)
● Information on breed standards from various feline organizations (FIFe, WCF, TICA, CFA, GCCF, LOOF)
● Various cat sounds (meow, hiss, growl etc.)
● Any photo could be set as a device wallpaper (wallpaper editor is included)
● Quiz about cat facts and breeds of cats
● Search for breed by any part of its name
● Simple and convinient interface - even a child will be able to use it
● Page listing gesture is used for navigation
● Application interface is designed to be operated by the thumb of one hand
● Screen rotation support for more effective usage
● Tablets (pads) and devices with non-standard screen proportions are fully supported
● Built-in floating hints for new users (can be disabled in preferences)
● Vibration feedback for screen buttons (can be disabled in preferences)
This is a free version. It has some limitations:
■ Color images are available only for every third breed, the rest is grayscale
■ Wallpaper image will always be grayscale
■ Quiz images will always be grayscale
Paid version without any limitation is available as a separate “Cats of the world (Premium)” package.
●简单方便易界面 - 即使一个孩子将能够使用它

Cats of the world 更新内容

Fixed errors in images of cat sounds.
Many thanks to an expert Tatyana Matukhno for her suggestions and advice!

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Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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