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HeatDroid - HotUKDeals

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HeatDroid - HotUKDeals HeatDroid - HotUKDeals HeatDroid - HotUKDeals HeatDroid - HotUKDeals HeatDroid - HotUKDeals HeatDroid - HotUKDeals

HeatDroid - HotUKDeals 描述

HeatDroid is a sleek app for Android users, allowing you to find the hottest deals within the UK. HeatDroid allows you to browse the HotUKDeals website in a native Android Application, unlike similar applications which merely wrap the mobile website in a WebView! A perfect basket buddy for when you are out shopping!
HeatDroid was built with simplicity in mind, allowing you to view the hottest deals when you want!
What does HeatDroid offer:
* Holo Light/Dark Themes
* Pull To Refresh
* Sliding Menu - Swipe left/right to display HeatDroid's custom menus
* Wishlist - Save those important deals for viewing at a later date!
* Phone & Tablet Support - Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 layouts!
* Search - You can search the HotUKDeals database by normal search mode, or search by a specific Tag.
* Filter/Sort - You are abel to filter your results by any of the available forums/topics on the website, and you can also sort your results by Hot, New and Discussed.
* Sharing - Found an amazing deal that you know others will like? Then share it using the built in Android Share Dialog, allowing you to share via any application you have installed that supports custom sharing!
* Pagination/Endless Scrolling - Much like the Android Market, you are able to enable Pagination to keep on loading more deals when you get to the bottom of the list! Never miss a deal again!
* Voucher Finder - Allows you to find a Voucher by searching the large HeatDroid Voucher Database.
* Direct Deal Link - HeatDroid allows you to go directly to the Deal, not requiring you to go through the full or mobile HotUKDeals website!
* Image Caching - Images are cached locally on your device for faster load times!
* Dark and Light Themes
Want More/Feedback:
I would love to hear what you think of HeatDroid. Please feel free to contact me about features you would like in the app, or changes you would like made!
Although every attempt has been made to support as many devices as possible (running Android 2.1 and above) if you do find an issue specific to your device, please dont hesitate to contact me so we can get this resolved! I cannot fix issues if you leave a 1 Star rating I'm afraid, so please send me a quick email.
HeatDroid是一个圆滑的Andr​​oid用户的应用程序,让您找到最热门的交易在英国范围内。 HeatDroid让您浏览在HotUKDeals网站,在原生的Andr​​oid应用程序,不像类似的应用程序仅仅包住手机网站的WebView中!一个完美的哥们,当你外出购物篮!
*滑动菜单 - 左/右滑动显示HeatDroid的自定义菜单
*收藏 - 保存这些重要的交易,在以后的日子观看!
*电话和平板电脑 - Nexus 4的支持方面,Nexus 7和Nexus 10的布局!
*搜索 - 可以搜索的HotUKDeals数据库,通过正常的搜索模式,或者搜索一个特定的标签。
*筛选/排序 - 阿贝尔网站上的任何可用的论坛/主题筛选结果,热,新和讨论,你也可以排序结果。
*共享 - 发现一个惊人的交易,你知道别人会喜欢吗?然后分享它使用内置在Android分享对话框,允许您通过任何你已经安装的应用程序,支持自定义共享共享!
*分页/无尽的滚动 - 就像在Android Market,你可以启用分页加载更多特惠当你到列表的底部,以保持!决不会错过一笔交易了!
*券搜索 - 允许你找到一个券通过搜索大HeatDroid券数据库。
*直接交易的链接 - HeatDroid允许你直接去处理,而不是要求你去通过全部或移动HotUKDeals,网站!
*图像缓存技术 - 图像缓存在本地设备上用于更快的加载时间!
虽然每个尝试已经取得了支持尽可能多的设备(运行Android 2.1及以上),如果你发现一个问题,具体到您的设备,请不要犹豫与我联系,所以我们可以得到解决!我不能修复问题,如果你离开恐怕1星级评定,所以请给我一个快速的电子邮件。

HeatDroid - HotUKDeals 更新内容

Improved image loading
Bug fixes

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体育格斗 购物
Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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