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HeatDroid - HotUKDeals

HeatDroid - HotUKDeals

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HeatDroid - HotUKDeals HeatDroid - HotUKDeals HeatDroid - HotUKDeals HeatDroid - HotUKDeals

HeatDroid - HotUKDeals 描述

Helping you find the hottest deals in the UK!

HeatDroid is a sleek app for Android users, allowing you to find the hottest deals within the UK. HeatDroid allows you to browse the HotUKDeals website in a native Android Application, unlike similar applications which merely wrap the mobile website in a WebView! A perfect basket buddy for when you are out shopping!


Note: The comments is a custom feature in this application. There is no official support for grabbing comments, and so until a better solution is found only the first 20 comments can be viewed. To view more comments, you can load the mobile webview instead.

HeatDroid was built with simplicity in mind, allowing you to view the hottest deals when you want!

What does HeatDroid offer:

* Search - You can search the HotUKDeals database by normal search mode, or search by a specific Tag.

* Filter/Sort - You are abel to filter your results by any of the available forums/topics on the website, and you can also sort your results by Hot, New and Discussed.

* Preferences - The many preferences allow you to customise HeatDroid to your taste!

* Sharing - Found an amazing deal that you know others will like? Then share it using the built in Android Share Dialog, allowing you to share via any application you have installed that supports custom sharing!

* Pagination/Endless Scrolling - Much like the Android Market, you are able to enable Pagination to keep on loading more deals when you get to the bottom of the list! Never miss a deal again!

So, what else does HeatDroid offer above the standard features you are use to?

Exclusive to HeatDroid:

* Voucher Finder - Allows you to find a Voucher by searching the large HeatDroid Voucher Database.

* Direct Deal Link - HeatDroid allows you to go directly to the Deal, not requiring you to go through the full or mobile HotUKDeals website!

* Search Widget - HeatDroid has deep integration within the Android OS. This allows you to place the default Search widget on your home screen, and select HeatDroid as the default search mode! Quick and smooth deal searches!

* Image Caching - Images are cached locally on your device for faster load times!

* Dark and Light Themes


What HeatDroid users are saying about the app:

* Great app, well designed and easy to use - Miles

* Awesome app. Have been waiting for this for a long time! - Al

* Really impressed with this make it easy to find the best deals. - Michael

Want More/Feedback:

I would love to hear what you think of HeatDroid. Please feel free to contact me about features you would like in the app, or changes you would like made!

And if you like HeatDroid, please rate it in the Android Market.


Although every attempt has been made to support as many devices as possible (running Android 2.1 and above) if you do find an issue specific to your device, please dont hesitate to contact me so we can get this resolved! I cannot fix issues if you leave a 1 Star rating I'm afraid, so please send me a quick email.

HeatDroid - HotUKDeals 更新内容



Small Dark Theme changes

Small Comments layout change


Dark and Light Themes!!!

Performance Improvements


HeatDroid - HotUKDeals 历史版本

HeatDroid - HotUKDeals 使用技巧

HeatDroid - HotUKDeals 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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