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Think fast: You are in the middle of a weekend getaway in Los Angeles and the kids are getting bored. You need to find an attraction that will meet the needs of your rambunctious 5-year-old as well as your “too cool” teenager and keep them entertained till dinner. A hike to the Hollywood sign? Too difficult. A theme park? Too much of an undertaking. This is when the MiniTime app is just right. The MiniTime app is designed to make family vacations easier and more fun. We deliver family travel recommendations based on the ages of your kids, so they’re customised to your family. MiniTime is all about building a community of parents, making sure that you’ll always be in the know about where to go and what to do when traveling with your kids. Features:SEARCH Find attractions that are rated according to kids’ ages, as well as local shopping, restaurants, outdoor recreation and more! Search your hometown or any major city to find the best of the best. Already on the road? Search based on current location to find a playground, post office or pizza on the fly. SMART HOTEL BOOKINGSGet personalised hotel recommendations that are based on the ages of your kids. Educate yourself by viewing photos, checking rates, comparing prices and reading reviews written by parents just like you. When you find the perfect hotel, book it with the click of a button.TRAVEL GUIDESHelpful guides for family-friendly destinations allow you to easily see the top attractions, kid-friendly hotels and ready-made trip plans for the city of your choice.ITINERARY BUILDERMiniTime’s innovative calendar tool allows you to create custom vacation itineraries. Choosing from a selection of hotels, attractions and restaurants that have been hand-picked by MiniTime specifically for your family, you can plan the details of your trip. Then, you can take your itinerary with you as a reference when you travel. It has offline capabilities, making sure you are never without a plan.TRAVEL JOURNALWith MiniTime’s journal, you can keep a daily log of your adventures. Think of it as a personal scrapbook. This tool allows you to capture your favourite family memories by providing a space to write notes and share photos as you travel. The journal is also available offline so that you never miss a moment.

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Android 2.3.2 以上



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