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MiCollab Client Mobile MiCollab Client Mobile MiCollab Client Mobile MiCollab Client Mobile MiCollab Client Mobile MiCollab Client Mobile

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-- If you have a MiCollab release before 7.0, this client should be used --
With Mitel® MiCollab UC-Mobile client for Android, there’s no more “out of office” – even when you are mobile. Search your corporate directory, IM contacts, check corporate visual voicemail and get other Mitel Unified Communications features directly on your Android smartphone. Going mobile with UC Advanced is a simple way to connect and communicate with your business associates effectively so you’re more productive while on the move.
Coupled with Mitel’s award-winning presence engine, Mitel MiCollab UC-Mobile uses location-based services – GPS and Bluetooth – natively present in the Android smartphone to automatically update your location status and call routing preferences.
UC Advanced Mobile for Android empowers mobile users to:
• Click-to-dial from your corporate contact list to place calls through your corporate network including with the new SIP Softphone over WiFi® or 4G networks
• Hand-off calls between the phones within your Mitel personal ring group
• Automatically update your presence status and call routing preferences with location-based GPS, Bluetooth, and network services, or based on time of day
• View your office extension incoming, outgoing and missed calls history
• Access visual voicemail from your office extension and manage messages by preference rather than sequence
Visit http://www.mitel.com/ucadvanced for additional information.
Mitel Unified Communications Server or Mitel Application Suite (MAS) and appropriate licenses required. For additional information please contact your IT manager, your Mitel representative, or Mitel directly at http://www.mitel.com/ucamobile_android/form.
Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. UCA Mobile SIP Softphone is also supported on 3G networks where allowed by the wireless carrier.
- 如果你7.0之前,有一个MiCollab发布,此客户端应使用 -
随着Mitel®MiCollab UC-Mobile客户端Android版,有没有更多的“不在办公室” - 即使你是移动的。搜索企业目录,IM联系人,检查公司的可视语音邮件,并得到其他敏迪统一通信功能,直接在你的Andr​​oid智能手机。去手机用UC Advanced是一个简单的方法来连接,并与你的商业伙伴进行有效的沟通使你更有效率,而在移动。
再加上敏迪的获奖存在引擎,敏迪MiCollab UC-Mobile使用基于位置的服务 - GPS和蓝牙 - 原生目前在Android智能手机自动更新您的位置状态和呼叫路由首选项。
免责声明:继续使用全球定位系统在后台运行,可以大大减少电池寿命。 UCA移动SIP软也支持3G网络的地方通过无线运营商允许的。

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• Fix phone mic and speaker interaction.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
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