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Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free

Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free

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Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free Mizuu - Movies & TV shows Free

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Love watching movies and TV shows? You'll love using Mizuu.


Mizuu is an easy-to-use media center application made exclusively for Android smartphones and tablets. Mizuu is capable of managing all your movie and TV show video files, and automatically downloads information about the video content - including title, plot and cover art. The immersive interface is easy to use and offer lots of customizability for more advanced users.

Mizuu lets your play your video files using any installed video players on your device, and does not play the video files itself. This enables users to use their favourite video player with Mizuu and get the best performance for their specific devices.

IMPORTANT: Like any other media center software, Mizuu is only capable of managing your own video files.

Mizuu stores the downloaded information in a local database on the device, which means that you'll be able to view movie and TV show details for your favourite content without being connected to the internet.

Love videos on the web? Browse through the latest and greatest videos from Reddit and YouTube, watch exciting video streams and games from Justin.tv / Twitch.tv, or listen to the latest talks from amazing and inspiring people at TED Talks.

You can also use Mizuu to watch the latest trailers for upcoming movies.

If you experience any issues, need help or just want to give me suggestions for the development of Mizuu, feel free to contact me by e-mail at any time. Mizuu is also on Facebook, Google+ and we're rocking an online community with blogs, FAQ and forums at http://www.mizuu.tv.

- No ads
- Faster and more frequent updates
- A warm and fuzzy feeling for supporting an indie developer :)

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Android 3.0.0 以上
Michell Bak

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