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Are you tired of reaching the wrong destination every time you use GPS navigation? MapmyIndia Maps & Directions is a detailed map of India which not only gives you the address your desired destination including the house number but also the street-level details.
MapmyIndia Maps & Directions is that app to have as you can use Step-by-Step driving directions from your current location to most of the parts in India. MapmyIndia Maps & Directions is equipped with the latest maps data (ver. 12.1). Not only this, now you can view maps in Satellite and Hybrid modes too. You will have access to millions of places of interest with their road maps. Road map of India is now more advanced and interactive.
MapmyIndia Maps & Directions is loaded with new features like:-
Nearby- Now get all the nearby places of interest from your current location. Places such as Emergency & Hospitals, Shopping, Eat & Drink, Transport, Entertainment, Hospitals, Tourism, Sports, Health & Wellness, Religious Places, Education, Landmark, Offices and much more.
Friends that just not it, to make things even easier we have added Brands too. Now you can search nearby places according to the brand that you want to choose. Brands such as State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation, Hero, Muthoot Finance, Maruti Suzuki, DTDC and loads more.
Report- Report issues such as Traffic Issues, Smart City Issues, Map Issues and Others
>Traffic Issues- Report issues such as Road Work, Jam, Accidents, Hazard, Low Visibility and Road Closed.
>Smart City Issues- Reports city level issues like Electric Failure, Water Wastage, Unsafe Areas, Traffic Violations.
>Map Issues- Report issues such as New Road, Incorrect Name, Place Missing, Invalid Turn, Road Missing, Incorrect location for a place etc.
>Others- Inform people around you about Public Procession, Gated Community and Non-Public Area.
Traffic Updates- Get real-time traffic updates. Plan your trips smartly.
View Rating- View the rating of a place and decide if you want to go.
Rate Places- Don’t like a place? Rate it! Tell others.
Read Reviews- Read reviews of people who have visited a the place.
Add Reviews- Share your experience with others.
Login- Login to save your routes, places and settings. We believe in smart work.
Feedback - Love something? Want improvements? Want to see more new things? Need help? Let us know through our feedback function and our team will be right on it.
MapmyIndia Maps & Directions makes sure that you find what you're looking for and take you there. So what are you waiting for explore India like never before with MapmyIndia Maps & Directions. Install Today!
你是否厌倦了深远每次使用GPS导航的时间错误的目的地? MapmyIndi​​a地图和路线是印度的详细地图,不仅使您的地址你想要的目的地包括门牌号码也是街道级的详细信息。
MapmyIndi​​a地图和路线是应用有,你可以使用步骤分步行车路线从当前位置到大部分在印度的零部件。 MapmyIndi​​a地图和路线搭载的是最新的地图数据(版本12.1)。不仅如此,现在你可以查看卫星地图和混合模式了。你将有机会获得数以百万计的与他们的路线图感兴趣的地方。印度的公路地图现在更先进的互动。
MapmyIndi​​a地图和路线装有新功能,如: -
报告 - 报告的问题,如交通问题,智能城市的问题,地图和其他问题
交通更新 - 获取实时交通更新。巧妙地计划你的旅行。
率的地方 - 不喜欢的地方?评分!告诉别人。
登录 - 登录保存您的路线,地点和设置。我们相信聪明的工作。
反馈 - 爱的东西吗?要改进?希望看到更多新的东西?需要帮忙?让我们知道通过我们的反馈功能,我们的团队将是正确的就可以了。

MapmyIndia 更新内容

-Search nearby for a brand, category of keyword
-Find places of interest along any route such as ATMs or fuel stations
-Try clicking the bug icon on the right to report map issues, traffic issues, smart city issues, and others
-Rate & Review any place on the go
-Hybrid Maps with place names, roads and Bhuvan satellite imagery
-Use the feedback button to let us know what you think!

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Android 4.0.3 以上



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