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MobileCamViewer Enterprise MobileCamViewer Enterprise MobileCamViewer Enterprise MobileCamViewer Enterprise MobileCamViewer Enterprise

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This is for Enterprise Installations of MobileCamViewer Server
Watch live (HexView and Single View) and PTZ control and security cameras, DVRs, NVRs and Video Servers anytime/anywhere on your cell phone. Remote monitoring with touch of a button.
**High ROI, save time and money.
**Helps to keep environment green.
**Free 7 day trial
This client supports mobiDEOS UCNE, which connects with Analog DVRs as shown
For more information, please contact us at info@mobideos.com or (408) 716-8347
Our UCNE box adds Motion detection, Video loss, and Video blind features to your CCTVs.
Offers remote viewing of Live, Playback, and Alerts (Motion Detection, Video Loss and Video Blind).
**High ROI, save time and money.
**Helps to keep environment green.
• Features:
-- Live video
>> HexView , Single View
>> Ability to take single/continuous pictures while watching
-- Play back at a specific time, for example: you can see if you store opened at 8AM yesterday
-- Video clips associated with the Alerts
>> List of alerts from different cameras - motion detection, video blind, video loss etc.
-- Reliable
- Carrier-class operations – you can count on
-- Come in 4, 8, and 16.
-- Future we will be offering storing clips on the cloud for redundancy and eliminates single point of failure.
-- MobileCamViewer gives you dashboard-style access to your cameras and NVRs/DVRs at your fingertips, so you’re not frustrated by typing the URL, passwords on your mobile phone every time you need to access a camera.
-- Ability to store and watch multiple branded cameras/DVRs/NVRs/VS in a single application for easy access
-- Updates and organizes your DVR camera list
•Benefits: --Provides High ROI
----Saves Time and Money: By avoiding trips to your store or business or home.
----Increase Productivity and Cost Savings: View the situation without needing or having to be in front of the computer, such as in a retail store or a construction site or university campus etc.
--Peace of mind at all times
--Remote monitoring, situational awareness, situational readiness and BI (Business Intelligence) with a touch of a button
--Helps to keep environment green.
--Avoid expensive alarm verification fees For a complete list of supported cameras, please visit
-- Extend the life of your DVR by adding the power of cloud
For further details please visit:
Check out case studies and more at: http://www.mobilecamviewer.com/solutions.html
该客户端支持mobiDEOS UCNE,连接模拟与数字录像机如图所示
- 现场视频
>> HexView的,单一视图
- 播放在特定时间,比如:你可以看到,如果你存储昨日开盘于上午08时
- 与警报相关的视频剪辑
>>从不同摄像机的警报列表 - 运动检测,视频遮挡,视频丢失等。
- 可靠
- 电信级的业务 - 你可以指望
- 进来4,8,和16。
- 未来,我们将提供存储的剪辑上的云冗余并消除单点故障。
- MobileCamViewer为您提供仪表板风格访问您的摄像机和NVR / DVR的在您的指尖,让你不键入URL沮丧,每次你需要访问一个摄像头时的密码您的手机上。
- 能够存储和观看多个品牌的相机/录像机/台NVR / VS在用于方便地访问一​​个应用程序
- 更新和整理你的硬盘录像机摄像机列表
•优点: - 提供高投资回报率
- 心态在任何时候都平安
- 远程监控,态势感知,情境的准备和BI(商业智能),只需轻触按钮,
- 有助于保持环境绿化。
- 避免昂贵的报警验证费收入支持的相机的完整列表,请访问:
- 通过添加云的力量扩展你的硬盘录像机的寿命

MobileCamViewer Enterprise 更新内容

1.Playback of Recorded clips
2. Motion Detection
3. Alerts
for ANY Make/Model of DVR

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Android 1.6 以上
Google Play

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