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Herbstfest Rosenheim

Herbstfest Rosenheim

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Herbstfest Rosenheim Herbstfest Rosenheim Herbstfest Rosenheim Herbstfest Rosenheim Herbstfest Rosenheim

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This is a MUST HAVE for Herbstfest Rosenheim 2012!
This is a MUST HAVE APP for Herbstfest Rosenheim 2012!
This free Herbstfest Rosenheim app from Rosenheim24 - lots of fun and flirting and you will be up-to-date all the time!
✔ In which tent are your friends? You have the bird‘s eye view!
✔ Where can you find your wiesn-squeeze? Make a date for next time right away!
✔ Where are the best after-parties? And who is attending?
✔ Are you on facebook? Use your profile to sign in!
✔ Wanna make someone‘s heart beat faster? Send a sweet Lebkuchen-heart!
✔ Which status do you want to show? Choose from online, busy, invisible, or flirt!
✔ Is the sun shining over Rosenheim? Live weather updates!
✔ Want your own party statistik? No problem with your personal visitor counter and beer counter!
✔ Need a cab or ATM? All the facts and locations about the Herbstfest on one App!
Where are you? Can you hear me now? Those phrases are in the past thanks to the ingenious „check-in feature. Via facebook, your friends will know where you‘re partying and if you want, you can tell other app users too. Write directly on your facebook wall with this app. Just sign in with your facebook account.
With the Herbstfest Rosenheim app you will always be on top!
Download Herbstfest Rosenheim free right now and tell your friends about it.
Ensure yourself all the privileges of an insider!
Let‘s go!

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