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PC远程监控 PC远程监控 PC远程监控 PC远程监控 PC远程监控 PC远程监控

PC远程监控 描述

Remotely monitor and manage your IT systems securely from any smartphone or tablet. Pulseway gives you complete control of your computers and applications from anywhere, at any time.
You can monitor and control Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems as well as any application using the monitoring API.
Pulseway dramatically reduces the level of manual checks for support engineers and provides them with a real time status of their monitored systems. You are the first to know about any potential issues affecting your systems and can resolve those issues immediately.
• To monitor a computer, download and install the agent software from our website;
• The communication between this application and the monitored computers is always encrypted.
• The status and uptime of all systems
• CPU usage and usage history chart
• Current available memory and usage history chart
• External IP address and the location on the map using GeoIP
• Ping round trip response time and response time chart
• Status of local hard disks
• Services status
• Network interfaces status and traffic chart
• Running processes
• Event logs
• Scheduled tasks status
• Ports status
• Logged in users
• Hardware details
• Status of web sites and application pools in Internet Information Server
• User accounts status in Active Directory including locked user accounts
• View and manage Windows updates
• Performance counters
• ... and more
• Start, pause, continue and stop a service
• Kill a process
• Start and stop a scheduled task
• Log off any logged in user
• Send a message to the logged in users
• Command prompt and PowerShell support
• Restart, wake up (Wake on WAN over Internet supported), shutdown, power off, suspend or send the computer into hibernation
• Send commands to multiple systems in the same group
• Start/stop/restart Internet Information Server web sites
• Start/stop/recycle Internet Information Server application pools
• Mobile device authorization for system commands - only selected authorized devices on your account can be allowed to send system commands
• Enable, disable, unlock and reset password for user accounts in Active Directory
• Add and remove groups for a user account in Active Directory
• Hyper-V and VMware support, start and stop virtual machines
• Run SQL Server queries
• ... and more
• When a system goes offline, starts up, shuts down, suspends and resumes
• When a monitored service stopped unexpectedly
• When the free memory is below a specified percentage
• When the processor usage is above or below a specified percentage for a specified period of time
• When the free space of a hard disk drive is below a specified percentage
• When a user logs in or logs out
• When ping round trip time is above a specified value for a specified period of time
• When a monitored port is closed
• When an event log entry is generated and it matches a specified filter (Windows only)
• When the CPU, system or HDD temperature exceeds a specified threshold
• When a web site or app pool stopped on Internet Information Server
• ... and more
The application will work even if the system cannot be directly accessed from the Internet (i.e. does not have a routable IP address or sits behind a firewall).
Operating Systems supported:
• Server: Windows 2003 or higher
• Desktop: Windows XP or higher
• Linux: All major distributions
• Mac: OS X 10.8+
远程监视并从任何智能手机或平板电脑安全地管理您的IT系统。 Pulseway让你从任何地方的计算机和应用程序的完全控制,在任何时间。
*** ***重要
 •用户帐户在Active Directory中的地位,包括锁定的用户帐户
 • ... 和更多
 •系统命令移动设备授权 - 在您的帐户唯一入选的授权设备可以被允许发送系统命令
 •启用,禁用,解锁并在Active Directory用户帐户的密码重设
 •添加和删除组在Active Directory中的用户帐户
 •运行SQL Server的查询
 • ... 和更多
 • ... 和更多
 •服务器:Windows 2003或更高版本
 •桌面:Windows XP或更高
 •MAC:​​OS X 10.8+

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