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HALL Wines Art App

HALL Wines Art App

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HALL Wines Art App HALL Wines Art App HALL Wines Art App HALL Wines Art App

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HALL Wine is an ultra-premium critically acclaimed producer of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. HALL employs organic small-vine viticulture, precision winemaking, wild yeast fermentation and micro-block blending to craft extraordinary artisan wines. HALL’s six estate vineyards are organically certified and HALL St. Helena is California's First Gold LEED® Certified Winery.
At HALL Wines we are proud to be on the cutting-edge of both viticulture practices and technology with the introduction of the HALL mobile app. This app includes features that allow you to explore tasting notes, photos, and the latest reviews. The HALL app also allows you to keep up to date with HALL news, events, and videos. The HALL app is directly linked to our Facebook and Twitter pages so you can stay connected with the HALL virtual community.
Other Features Include:
- Visit Us: Hours of operation, reservation information, and directions to our St. Helena and Rutherford visitor centers.
- Tasting Notes: Review winemaker tasting notes from current and past vintages.
- Vineyards: Photos, descriptions, and details of HALL Vineyards.
- Pairing Section: Recommended varietal and food pairings along with many original recipes paired with specific HALL Wines.
- Photos: Beautiful photos of our Rutherford and St. Helena visitor centers, our vineyards, and events.
- Where to Buy: Convenient GPS enabled location section with retailers and restaurants that carry HALL Wines.
- Chat Wall: For HALL community interaction directly on the app. Share your favorite HALL wines, your experience at HALL events, and much more!
- 参观我们:工作时间,预约信息,并指示我们的圣赫勒拿岛和卢瑟福游客中心。
- 品酒笔记:回顾从当前和过去年份的酿酒师品酒笔记。
- 葡萄园:照片,描述,霍尔葡萄园的详细信息。
- 配对部分:推荐的品种和搭配食物一起搭配特定殿酒业许多原来的食谱。
- 照片:美丽的照片的卢瑟福和圣赫勒拿岛游客中心,我们的葡萄园,和事件。
- 哪里买:GPS功能方便携带殿酒业与零售商和餐馆的位置部分。
- 聊天墙:霍尔社区直接在应用程序的交互。分享您最喜爱的霍尔葡萄酒,你的经验在霍尔事件,以及更多!

HALL Wines Art App 更新内容

- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes
- Facebook upgrade
- Foursquare upgrade
- Better graphics performance
- Add photos to any comment
- Ability to refresh more content
- Ability to load more content
- Offline Mode - ability to download all content for offline viewing
- End date/time support for events
- Localized Email and SMS sharing
- App Widget
- And much more…

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