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If you’ve spent any time praying in your
life, you’ve probably ended your prayers
with the phrase, “In Jesus’ name.” Most
of us say this out of habit without really
thinking about what that means or why
we close our prayers that way. The
most common reason we end prayers
in Jesus’ name is because He told us
to pray in His authority (John 14:12–14).
But ending prayers with the name of
Jesus is also appropriate for another
reason—since He is our ultimate example
of what real prayer looks like, it’s only
fitting that a prayer that stems from
His example should end in His name.
Over the next 28 days, we’re going
on a journey together into prayer.
We’ll explore its many dynamics: what
the Bible says about it, why we so
desperately need it, how we can use it,
how it brings us closer to the Father and
many other principles. Each day begins
with a passage of scripture, followed
by an inspiring devotional thought and
ends with practical tips and a prayer
to help you activate the devotional’s
subject in your own prayer life.
As you go through this devotional,
our prayer is that you’ll grow to
understand that prayer is one of the
most crucial elements to walking
in an intimate relationship with our
heavenly Father. We have a great
adventure ahead of us, and we pray
you’ll become closer to God than you
ever thought possible as you discover
how to live a powerful life of prayer.
—In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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