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Global Editors Network

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Global Editors Network Global Editors Network Global Editors Network Global Editors Network

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Too busy to search all the latest news about journalism, new media, innovation in newsrooms, social media etc.?
The Global Editors Network app brings you all the leading news sources in a cleverly laid-out user interface!
The app covers your topics and delivers full articles, photos and videos directly to your device so you never miss what is important to you.
What's even better is you don’t even need to open it; just set alerts on the topics that really matter, and let the news come to you!
Get all the breaking news about the latest media innovation in one stop, and personalize the app to get the media sources you want on the media topics you want.
GEN Media News is available in 5 editions, USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.
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Founded in 2011, the Global Editors Network (GEN) is the first non-profit, non-governmental association that brings together editors-in-chief and senior news executives from all platforms – print, digital, mobile and broadcast. By breaking down the barriers between traditional and new media, information can be gathered and shared with each other to define an open journalism model for the future and to create new journalistic concepts and tools.

Global Editors Network 更新内容

- Multi-device Topics Synchronization: If you have GEN installed on different devices (Android, iOS), you can now synchronize your homescreen topics using your GEN account.
- Multi-languages Top Stories: Follow Top Stories from other editions: US, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain.
- Bug fixes : Various bug fixes.

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Android 1.5 以上

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