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Mobileye 5 - Series pro app

Mobileye 5 - Series pro app

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Mobileye 5 - Series pro app Mobileye 5 - Series pro app Mobileye 5 - Series pro app Mobileye 5 - Series pro app Mobileye 5 - Series pro app Mobileye 5 - Series pro app Mobileye 5 - Series pro app

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Mobileye Smartphone Application
Please note: This application only runs with Mobileye 5-Series hardware installed in your vehicle.
Mobileye improves your driving habits and prevents collisions using state-of-the -art technology.
The Mobileye Smartphone application works not only as a high quality display for your Mobileye 5 series but also monitors and gathers data, enabling the owner to view detailed statistics about the use of each and every feature on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.
Now you can not only drive safer, but you can also analyze your driving and see how your skills improve over time.
With over 10 Million annual accidents in the US alone, Keeping your family safe on the road and making sure you have the advantage has never been easier.
The Mobileye system gives you those crucial seconds which make all the difference to getting from and to your destination safely.
Your Mobileye System comes complete with theses Cutting edge features:
Lane Departure Warning - alerts the driver using visual and audio warnings when an unintentional deviation from the driving lanes occurs.
Forward Collision Warning - alerts the driver of an imminent collision with a vehicle or motorcycle ahead, up to 2.7 seconds before a collision, allowing the driver enough time to react and avoid a collision.
Headway Monitoring and Warning - assists the driver in keeping a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead and alerts the driver with visual and audio warnings when dangerously close.
Pedestrian Collision Warning - alerts the driver, (during daytime hours), with visual and audio warnings up to 2 seconds before an imminent collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist.
Intelligent High-Beam Control - automatically raises and lowers the vehicle's high beams without inconveniencing or distracting oncoming or preceding traffic.
Traffic Sign Recognition, integrated with Speed Limit Indication - detects and classifies various traffic signs and notifies the driver of such signs. Mobileye Speed Limit Indication detects and classifies speed signs and notifies the driver if the vehicle exceeds the allowed speed detected on the sign.
The Mobileye 5-Series product is an advanced collision avoidance system. With the hardware installed in your vehicle, Mobileye constantly monitors the road ahead, acting like a "third eye". Mobileye 5-Series provides critical real-time warnings about surrounding dangers, constantly alerting and enabling you to effectively prevent collisions. 
The Mobileye Smartphone Application connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity and will enable you to stay updated and enjoy our latest upgrades and enhancements for driver assistance.
To purchase the Mobileye 5 series hardware visit: http://mobileye.com/products/mobileye-5-series
请注意:此应用程序只与Mobileye 5系列硬件安装在您的车辆运行。
- 的车道偏离警告提醒司机发生意外偏离车道时使用视觉和听觉警告。
正向碰撞警告系统 - 提醒司机即将发生冲撞的车辆或摩托车提前至2.7秒的碰撞前,让司机有足够的时间作出反应,并避免碰撞。
的路上监测预警 - 从前方车辆保持安全的跟车距离,协助驾驶员在视觉和听觉警告危险接近时提醒司机。
- 行人碰撞警告提醒司机,(在白天),用视觉和听觉警告即将发生的碰撞与行人或骑自行车的前2秒。
的智能高光束控制 - 自动升高和降低车辆的远光灯,而迎面而来的或前交通不便或分心。
交通标志识别,集成了限速指示 - 各种交通标志检测和分类,并通知司机这样的迹象。 Mobileye的车速限制指示检测和分类速度标志,并通知司机,如果车辆超过了允许的速度检测标志。
Mobileye的5系列产品是一种先进的防撞系统。与硬件安装在您的车辆中,Mobileye在不断地监视前进的道路上,像“第三只眼”。 Mobileye的5系列提供了关键的实时警告周围的危险,不断提醒,使您能够有效地防止碰撞。

Mobileye 5 - Series pro app 更新内容

NEW: Statistics collection. The new app automatically monitors and gathers statistics of all warning types while driving, and can later spread out the given warnings according to time and other measurements.
General fixes: Addressing minor bugs, optimisation, and stability.
Known issues:
Samsung Android 2.1 firmware and lower not supported (may cause Bluetooth halts).

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考试学习 驾考
Android 2.1.0 以上

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