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Animated 3D Locker

Animated 3D Locker

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Animated 3D Locker Animated 3D Locker Animated 3D Locker Animated 3D Locker

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Real 3D Animated Lockscreen is a default lock screen replacement that's functional and beautiful. The exquisitely realistic video 3D effects and cool animation. Easy and Cool. Try it right now. 3D Animated Locker Screen that makes your phone outstanding. Able to activate phone, SMS and Contacts directly from lock Screen.
PRE BETA - Thank you for your understanding. Bugs are possible.
Exclude it from task killers!
Please write in comments:
* what bugs you found
* what buttons/features you lack
* what effects you need
Animated 3D Lockscreen is our vision how mobile lockscreen should look. For now it have not all features we want to develop. More new features coming soon, but let us know what you lack right now.
Features in Development:
- custom backgrounds
- Skins and Themes. Various of Locker Themes to match your style;
- Battery Indicator
- 3D Animated Weather
- Animated Clock with realistic video 3D effects
- Improve video effects
- music player
- Security locker, password;
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Android 2.1.0 以上

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