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American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary

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Shape up your English with thousands of idioms! Whether you are a learner of English who is having difficulty understanding expressions in everyday speech or a native speaker who wants to expand your written or spoken range, you need a comprehensive reference for idioms, common phrases, and sayings of American English.
***This is a fully functional trial! ***
McGraw-Hill's American Idioms Dictionary shows you the ropes of English and helps you:
 •Expand your English-speaking abilities with these 14,000-plus expressions, proverbs, and common sayings, listed alphabetically
 •Use American idioms correctly by following the many helpful examples
 •Easily find the right phrase by one of its key words Some examples of the colorful English language, as spoken by Americans: at peace - relaxed and happy every trick in the book - every deceptive method known Johnny-on-the-spot - someone who is in the right place at the right time make a killing - to have a great success, especially in making money nine-to-five job - a job with normal daytime hours scream bloody murder - to complain bitterly take a powder - to leave; to leave town
featuring search autocomplete to help you find words quickly by displaying predictions similar to the terms you're typing. You also get enhanced search extras including:
 •A quick search of words while you type.
 •A 'fuzzy filter' for when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word.
 •A 'keyword' search for finding key words within compound words.
 •A wild card search function ('*' or '?') which can replace a letter or entire parts of a word.
 •Download dictionary definitions locally for offline word lookup.
including a number of features that help you further enhance your vocabulary:
 •A 'Favorites' feature to create custom folders with lists of words from the extensive library, including cross-curriculum words.
 •History list to help you easily review looked-up words.
 •Discover more using the included special language notes.
 •See words in context with example sentences.
 •'Word-of-the-day' feature with dedicated homescreen widget.
***这是一个全功能的试用! ***
麦格劳 - 希尔的美国习语词典显示你的英语绳索,帮助你:
 •轻松找到合适的词由它的关键词多彩英文的例子之一,讲美国人:和平 - 轻松快乐每招本书 - 知名Johnny-每一个骗人的方法在现场 - 人谁是在正确的地方在正确的时间大赚一笔 - 有一个巨大的成功,尤其是在赚钱的朝九晚五的工作 - 与正常白天工作的尖叫血腥谋杀 - 抱怨恨恨地采取粉末 - 离开;离开镇
 • A“模糊滤镜”当你不能确定一个单词的正确拼写。
 • A“关键字”搜索复合词中找关键词。
 • A通配符搜索功能(“*”或“?”),它可以取代一个字母一个字或整个地区。
 • A“收藏夹”功能创建文字从丰富的图书馆名单,包括跨课程的话自定义文件夹。

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Version 4.3.136
* Bug Fixing
Version 4.3.103 features:
* Swiping Tabs Option

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