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Features include:
- Manage multiple recurring budgets and automatic rollover of your remaining budget or overspend to the next scheduled anniversary date.
NOTE: Once a budget reaches it's anniversary date, it will automatically "reset" to a new empty budget ready for new entries, this is a FEATURE! The old version of that budget with all it's existing entries still exist and can be accessed from the budget's history.
- Link photos and images to your budget expense or income. Visualize your spending!
- Handy expense graph to track your current spending against your budget.
- Daily, Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly budgets. Or just set your own custom budget end dates.
- Secure Money Owl by requiring device unlock after a set amount of time (requires Android OS v5 Lollipop or above)
- Calculator input for budget and entry amounts.
- Widget support for viewing budgets and adding entries (add-on purchase required).
- Backup and restore to and from file (add-on purchase required.)
For any issues or feature suggestions, please email lazymemo.inc@gmail.com. (We aren't notified when you post in the rating section so can't help you from there!)
Permissions Explained:
"Modify/Delete external storage" is for storing and deleting temporary image files that gets created when you use the camera.
"Internet Access" and "Access Network State" are for Google Analytics, an anonymous statistics tool to help improve Money Owl.
  - 管理多个经常性预算和您的预算余额的自动翻转或超支的下一个计划的周年日。
  - 链接的照片和图像,您的预算费用或收益。可视化你的消费!
  - 方便的费用图表来跟踪你对你的预算经常性支出。
  - 每日,每周,每两周,每月,每年的预算。或者只是设置自定义预算结束日期。
  - 安全货币猫头鹰,要求设备解锁设定的时间量后(需要的Andr​​oid OS V5棒棒糖或以上)
  - 计算器输入预算和入门金额。
  - 查看预算和添加条目(附加要求购买)widget支持。
  - 备份和恢复,并从文件(附加要求购买)
对于任何问题或意见建议,请发送电子邮件至lazymemo.inc@gmail.com。 (当你在评级部分张贴所以帮不了你从那里我们没有收到通知!)

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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