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MFT Graph Lite World

MFT Graph Lite World

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MFT Graph Lite World MFT Graph Lite World MFT Graph Lite World MFT Graph Lite World

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Math does not have to be boring or hard! With interactive parser feedback using bright colors, this exciting variation on the traditional graphing calculator is sure to bring smiles to faces. This free version is a great way to try learning about math and see if you can build insight into complex functions from Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Some mathematical enthusiasts believe that the most important aspect of mathematical intuition is vision and by exploring the equations you learn or use with this program you may also gain new understanding beyond just the symbols. Aimed at older school students, college students, engineers, and scientists, this program uses OpenGL accelerated graphics to give the best possible smooth-scrolling experience with the most convenience. We deliver this capability by using a custom keyboard designed to simplify entering mathematical expressions as well as a real-time equation feedback system letting you know about syntax errors as you type. Before you have finished entering your equation you will know if it will work or not from this visual feedback system. No other graphing program is as beautiful nor as easy to use.

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Improved parser.

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