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An Intercom over Bluetooth application.
This application offers free voice communication over Bluetooth in a small group of Android users.
This is an Open-Source software released under the BSD Licence.
Anyone is free to review, redistribute, extend, etc it. The code is on GitHub: https://github.com/sutiialex/Motolky
This application was specially designed for noisy environments, such as motorcyclist or bicyclist groups, construction work teams or any other context when two or more people, in close vicinity of each other, want to communicate, but can't do it directly.
- Tete-a-Tete - You can talk with a single person. The person may be your motorbike passenger, a rally copilot, or even your pal/neighbor who lives just next door and with whom you probably want to stay in touch.
- Group-Talk - You can talk to a small group of mates at the same time sharing the same "channel" (similar to walky-talky).
- VAD (Voice Activity Detection) - If this feature is enabled, the application will transmit data only when speech is detected.
- Automatic Reconnect - You don't have to connect each time you get near to your talk-mate. Once set up, the application will automatically reconnect when your talk-mate will be in the Bluetooth range.
- Speak-out-Loud - You can also use the application using your loudspeaker on your phone. For example you can put a phone in a baby's room, and watch TV in living-room, hearing exactly what your baby is doing.
The application has to be installed on all the Android phones in a group so you could talk to each other. When running the application, you are displayed a list of neighbor and/or paired devices and asked to select the devices you want to communicate with. By pressing “Proceed”, you agree that the selection phase has ended and that you want to proceed to communicating with the selected devices. Note that in order to successfully connect to an aforementioned device, you need it to select you as well (both devices need to cooperate in the selection phase). When you have successfully connected to another device, the status changes to “Connected”.
* If the phones do not connect, try to pair them from the phone's bluetooth settings. If they fail to pair, try restarting bluetooth on both the phones.
* If you have problems running the application, please send me an email at: sutii dot alex at gmail dot com. I cannot respond to your reviews.
* Please rate and give reviews (not only when you dislike the app :-) ). Your feedback is important to me.
- 太一太 - 你可以跟一个人。这个人可能是你的摩托车乘客,副驾驶的集会,甚至是你的PAL /就住在隔壁的邻居是谁,和谁在一起,你可能要保持联系。
- 集团讲座 - 你可以跟队友一小群在同一时间共享相同的“通道”(类似到WALKY对话多)。
- 语音活动检测(VAD) - 如果启用此功能时,应用程序将数据传输只有当检测到语音。
- 自动重新连接 - 您不必每次连接,你会得到您的通话队友附近。一旦成立,该应用程序会自动重新连接时,你的谈话的队友将在蓝牙范围内。
- 讲大声 - 您也可以使用手机上的应用程序使用您的扬声器。例如,你可以把手机在宝宝的房间,在客厅看电视,正好听到你的宝宝做什么。

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Open source the app under BSD Licence.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play



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