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Moxier邮件推送 Moxier邮件推送 Moxier邮件推送 Moxier邮件推送 Moxier邮件推送

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Moxier Mail with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for Corporate Email on the Go.
!!! Finally, Moxier Mail for Tablet has landed on Android market !!!
Moxier Mail for Tablet introduction in market.android.com (http://goo.gl/7TLZL)
Moxier Mail for Tablet brings you more convenient and smarter experience of your email circumstance.
This optimized EAS Mail client for Android tablet contains Dual Pane View which you can navigate easily and provide you with simply intuitive User Interface for specific features.
Moxier Mail for Tablet’s components are Email, Calendar, Contact and Tasks. It includes all the same features of Moxier Mail smartphone supporting latest Exchange ActiveSync®.
Moxier Mail introduction in market.android.com
Moxier Mail is the second to none EAS mail application that you can enjoy Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in Mobile circumstance with advanced and state-of-the-art features such as Category, Mailbox search, Local wipe, Data encryption, S/MIME and 57 languages in the world.
Moxier Mail has been maintaining the perfect EAS Push mail application that Emtrace technologies made ever since 2008.
Would you take Moxier Mail as the most latest and advanced EAS mail? You bet.
Professional User Interface
The simpler, The better.
Moxier Mail provides simple and professional User Interface to be able to improve your satisfaction and work efficiency on the go. Just dive to the pool of fantastic EAS mail with Moxier Mail connected with the Exchange server 2003 and 2007.
Best Secure Mail environment
With a variety of Security functions such as Client certificate, Local wipe data, S/MIME, Data encryption, SSL, Application Lock, Moxier Mail keeps your private data in the most secure way.
Thus, you do not have to worry about your privacy and confidentiality of your data any more.
Latest EAS protocol support
Moxier Mail supports Latest EAS IT policies in accordance with Exchange ActiveSync® and fulfill the Policy requirement by Many of Mobile operators in the world. (i.e. Max Email Body Truncation Size, Max Email HTML Body Truncation Size, Device Password Expiration, Require Storage Card Encryption, etc.)
Effective Widget
Moxier Mail’s Widget enables you to find your Email, Calendar, and Tasks status on the home screen in a simply way. You can simply and effectively check new arrived Email, scheduled appointment, and your To-Do-List.
Topnotch Usability
Moxier Mail provides the professional user experience and advanced features that MS Outlook supports such as Local Search, Online Search, Category, HTML, Auto Discover, Out of office, Full screen display mode, Edit on original email once reply/forward, and Set message download size and more.
Moxier Mail available in 57 languages worldwide
English(United States), Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, Catalan, Danish, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, German, Bulgarian, Thai, Finnish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Kazakh, Macedonian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Greek, Gallegan, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian, Tagalog, Bengali, Indonesian, Korean, Romanian, Albanian, French, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Bosnian, Czech, Spanish, Icelandic, Malay, Estonian, Italian, Lithuanian, Basque, Hungarian, Russian, Sundanese, Javanese, Latvian, Swedish, French (Canada), English (United Kingdom), Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (Hong Kong), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (United States), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Mexico)

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Android 1.5 以上



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    Note 2上闪退

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    可以用! 同步exchange的! 无法同步g00gle, 只好退而求其次啦

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