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MangoApps makes teamwork, file sharing, and collaboration easy. It is the most comprehensive business collaboration tool for Android and offers advanced team and company communication, project management, and information sharing features that help companies and their employees stay organized while working together and sharing information. Collaboration features such as chat, company intranet, and wikis, among other convenient task management tools, can all be used from your phone while you're on the go or from your desktop computer while you're in the office. It's a cross-platform social collaboration app available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Desktop, so no matter where you are and which device you are using, you can use MangoApps to access work-related information and stay in touch with colleagues and clients.
MangoApps for Android includes all the major team and company collaboration tools of the desktop and web platform, including:
* Enterprise Microblogging
* IM/Group Chat Based Collaboration
* Project Collaboration
* Document Management
* Personal and Team Task Management
* Company Directory and HR2.0 Features
* Web Portal or Intranet Dashboard for Managers
All features are seamlessly integrated allowing you to transition from reading your team’s microblog to asking private questions over instant messaging. MangoApps for Android lets you collaborate in real-time using the communication medium that best suits your situation, whether you’re at the office, at home, on the train, or even waiting in line.
Project Collaboration: Create individual collaboration hubs for each of your projects and use our convenient project collaboration features to effortlessly browse feeds, make wall posts, initiate group chat, and upload documents. Also, view, add, and assign tasks to streamline productivity. With one place to share project updates, news, and ideas, MangoApps’ project collaboration tools will streamline communication and project development, while encouraging teamwork and organization.
Document Collaboration: With our document collaboration features, working as a team on articles, memos, and reports has never been easier. You can not only post and view documents, but also follow them as they evolve from rough drafts to finished products. Receive updates when edits are made and access previous drafts at any time -- all versions are automatically backed up. Upload documents so colleagues can add to them or edit them for clarity. Sales people will always have the latest price sheets; executives will always have the greatest presentation; and the production team will never miss updates to requirements.
Task Management: Your personal and team tasks are accessible from your mobile device anywhere, anytime. Along with adding and viewing your personal tasks, you can receive updates automatically when tasks are added to your projects, making them easy to manage and stay on top of.
In addition to the personal and team collaboration features, MangoApps for Android provides tools, like company directory, search, polls, virtual accolades, office pokes, and birthday gifts, to promote company-wide interaction and collaboration.
MangoApps for Android leverages a number of platform-specific features to provide the richest experience on your Android. Some examples of these features are:
* Ability to take screenshots and post photos: Take a picture of that whiteboard discussion and post it to your feed.
* Attaching your location to your posts: Let your colleagues know you’re out attending a customer meeting.
* Option to receive push notifications in real-time, even when the application is not running. Feature can be disabled if you don’t want to receive them.
Improve your team’s collaboration now by downloading the app for free and registering within MangoApps!
所有的功能都无缝集成使您可以读取您的团队的微博来问过即时通讯的私人问题转变。 MangoApps为Android可以让你实时协作使用最适合您的情况,无论你在办公室的沟通媒介,在家里,在火车上,甚至在排队等候。
文档协作:通过我们的文档协作功能,作为一个团队工作的文章,备忘录和报告,从未如此简单。你不仅可以发布和查看文档,也跟着他们,因为他们从草稿进化到成品。收到更新时,编辑时和访问以前的草案在任何时间 - 所有版本都自动备份。上传文档,以便同事能够增加他们或修改它们的清晰度。销售人员永远有最新的价格表;高管总是有最大的表现;而制作团队绝不会错过的更新要求。

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1. A fresh new Mobile Intranet experience
2. Support for threaded conversations with nested replies
3. Do more with Question & Answers and Polls
4. Polls can now be created from the phone.Respond to polls directly from feed list
5. New unread indicator on feed list
6. Team details are revamped with a new way to access team modules
7. MangoApps links now open inside the app
8. New Table UI for structured content and external system feeds
9. Enhanced security with PIN based access
10. Bug Fixes

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Android 4.0 以上
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