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Kotak Mobile Stock Trader

Kotak Mobile Stock Trader

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Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader Kotak Mobile Stock Trader

Kotak Mobile Stock Trader 描述

Kotak introduces Kotak Stock Trader app - a unique stock trading mobile based application for Android that lets you trade, view latest quotes, track portfolio and market movements, analyse market trends, get live research calls, and do much more instantly. The Kotak Stock Trader mobile trading app provides you with the right tools to keep up with India's biggest stock exchanges - the BSE and the NSE.
With Kotak Stock Trader mobile app, you now have the stock market right in your hand, giving you more power while you’re on the move.
With Kotak Stock Trader mobile stock trading app you can
• Trade in Stocks, Derivatives & Currency Derivatives
• Place orders. Modify or Cancel pending orders
• Check available margin in the account
• Check available funds, Order status and day's positions
• Track Live Market movements by viewing the levels of Sensex & Nifty
• Get Market and Indices updates
• Trade in Futures & Options - Track equity and index derivatives
• Track your portfolio performance
• View Intraday Charts - Stay on top of the Nifty and Sensex Updates
• Get Customizable as well as predefined watchlists
• Get stock quotes - Live feeds ensure the fastest quotes
• Get stock tips from market experts
So, get started now.
If you are not a Kotak Securities customer, you can still use this application as a guest and start tracking the market! To become a Kotak Securities customer fill a simple account opening form on http://www.kotaksecurities.com/whatweoffer/demat-account.html‎
For more details about the app head to http://www.kotaksecurities.com/whatweoffer/mobiletrading.html.
科塔克介绍科塔克证券交易应用程序 - 一个独特的股票交易基于移动应用程序的Andr​​oid,让你交易,查看最新的报价,跟踪投资组合和市场走势,分析市场趋势,获取现场调研通话,以及做更多事情瞬间。该科塔克股票操盘手的移动交易应用程序为您提供了合适的工具,以跟上印度最大的证券交易所 - 疯牛病和NSE。
•买卖期货及期权 - 跟踪股票及指数衍生产品
•查看盘中走势图 - 留在了俏皮和Sensex指数更新的顶部
•获取股票行情 - 实时饲料保证了最快的报价

Kotak Mobile Stock Trader 更新内容

· Live Portfolio Tracker.
· Live BSE rates without logging in.
· Stock related News.

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金融理财 投资
Android 4.0.3 以上
Kotak Securities Limited

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