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Bordeaux Monument Tracker

Bordeaux Monument Tracker

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Bordeaux Monument Tracker Bordeaux Monument Tracker Bordeaux Monument Tracker

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Official mobile application of Bordeaux. An exceptional application to guide your steps in Bordeaux, with more than 85 monuments and sites! Stimulate your curiosity and improve your general knowledge. New: Take your own picture for each monument and site and add it in the app in order to create your traveling book! Seen on media: France 2, “le Figaro”, “L'Express” ... in 90 blogs and used by 400,000 customers. Developed for Aix-en-Provence, Antibes, Arles, Avignon, Cannes, Coeur Riviera, Grasse, Avignon, Monaco, Nice, Nimes, Paris, Toulouse, Tours, Brest, Lyon, Metz, Marseille, Bastia, St Paul/Reunion Island, French Riviera in France; Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan in Italy; Madrid, Andalusia and Barcelona in Spain; London, New York, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Prague, Istanbul and St-Petersburg. Have you ever admired a monument without knowing its history? Do you always bring a guide in your pocket? "I do not look for, I find", Bordeaux Monument Tracker responds immediately to the curiosity of the moment. In collaboration with the Tourist Office of Bordeaux, this application shows you automatically the history of more than 85 monuments and sites around you, wherever you are, in an exhaustive way. Strengths of the application: - Revolutionary, unique and very easy to use: you start the application and you are alerted and informed directly of monuments to which you pass by during your walk! - Internet connection is not required so no roaming costs. - Augmented Reality - Geolocation - Itineraries - Texts, dates and photos - An amazing and complete database, never seen before: places, monuments, facades, statues, fountains, streets, art works, cultural events, museums ... - Total freedom, history is everywhere and effortlessly ... - The partnership with the Tourist Office guarantees the seriousness of the information. - Essential information: time, historical background and anecdotes, - Do not look for, Monument Tracker finds for and alerts you: a real innovation - No ads, 100% cultural - Regular updates and enhancements - Multilingual - An impressive ease of use Your smartphone in your pocket, monuments and history are revealed automatically, informing you during your walk, on foot, on a bike or on a taxi. No research, no stress, no mandatory itineraries, you cultivate in a fun way, strolling carefree: a new approach very original. As an explorator, Monument Tracker revolutionizes the use of tourist guide and design a technology 100% cultural, adapted to itinerant and changing users. Innovative technology: With GPS you will receive alerts in real time by deciding your approach distance. All functions remain active, calls, SMS and emails. Use: Home: Start by determining the distance alert (from 30 meters to 1 000 meters). This one allows you to be alerted of the monuments according to the chosen distance. Our advice: 50m if you are walking and 200m if you are on a car. Go: Start the geolocation. During your walk, you will be alerted of monuments close to you, with their history and anecdotes, in a Push mode. Once launched, three icons appear "Map", "List" and "R+" Map: Locate on the map monuments that are close but not necessarily visible to your eyes. List: View the last monuments consulted with photos and texts. R+ : Instant Augmented Reality with the geolocation. Your camera shows pictos of nearby monuments. And discover the new itineraries function. Configuration: Download the offline version for your travels abroad to avoid roaming costs (internet). Only your GPS will be used to alert you of nearby monuments (cost € 0). Search: Discover the monuments or search, view them on the map and find places where you want to go. Tips: Save your battery by putting your phone in standby, Monument Tracker continues to operate. All functions of your phone remain operational.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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