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Deal funds and shares live on your mobile with HL Live, the new investment app from Hargreaves Lansdown, one of the UK's leading investment brokers.
HL Live gives you quick and easy access to fund and share prices, indices, market news, investment research, expert opinion and much more. It's free and no registration is required; download HL Live now for easy access to a wealth of investment information.
Get free access to:
- Prices, performance and research for more than 2,500 funds
- Share prices, news and research
- Interactive performance charts for funds and shares
- The Wealth 150 list – our favourite funds for new investment in each sector
- FTSE reports and round-ups of economic and business news
- Video interviews with the UK's leading fund managers
- Personalised watchlists of funds and shares – create multiple virtual portfolios
Already a client of Hargreaves Lansdown?
- Log in securely to your Vantage Accounts using your Master Password
- Check the value of your funds, shares, ISAs, SIPPs and other Vantage Accounts
- Deal funds, shares and ETFs
- View recent transactions and check pending orders
- Send, receive and manage secure messages
Hargreaves Lansdown is an independent investment broker that aims to give you the best information, best service and best prices. We give you information and research to help you make your own investment decisions, while our low share dealing rates and discounts on more than 2,400 funds could save you money. What's more, you can save tax when you invest in our Stocks & Shares ISA or SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension). For more information on our products and services visit our website at www.hl.co.uk or call our Bristol Helpdesk on 0117 900 9000.
Please note, investments can fall in value as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change and any reliefs depend on your circumstances.
Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management Ltd, One College Square South, Anchor Road, Bristol, BS1 5HL, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. FSA Register number 115248.
交易的基金和股票,生活在您的手机与HL现场,从英国领先的投资经纪公司Hargreaves Lansdown,一个新的投资应用程序。
- 超过2500资金的价格,性能和研究
- 股票行情,新闻和研究
- 互动式基金和股票的性能图表
- 财富150排行榜 - 我们最喜爱的资金用于新的投资在各部门
- 富时报告和围捕的经济和商业新闻
- 英国领先的基金经理的采访视频
- 个性化的基金和股票的监视列表 - 创建多个虚拟投资组合
已经是客户端的公司Hargreaves Lansdown?
- 安全登录到您的华帝账户使用您的主密码
- 检查您的资金,股份,ISA中,SIPPS和其他华帝账户的价值
- 交易基金,股票及交易所买卖基金
- 查看最近的交易,并检查待处理的订单
- 发送,接收和管理安全信息
公司Hargreaves Lansdown是一个独立的投资经纪人,旨在为您提供最好的信息,最好的服务和最优惠的价格。我们为您提供的信息和研究,以帮助你做出自己的投资决策,而我们的低价格和折扣,超过2400名的基金可以节省你的钱股份买卖。更重要的是,你可以省税,当你投资于股票及股份ISA或自我投资个人养老金(SIPP)。对我们的产品和服务的更多信息,请访问我们的网站www.hl.co.uk或致电0117 900 9000我们的布里斯托尔服务台。
公司Hargreaves Lansdown资产管理有限公司,学院广场南锚道,布里斯托尔,BS1 5HL,金融服务管理局授权并受其监管。 FSA注册号115248。

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金融理财 理财记账 投资
Android 2.1.0 以上

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