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Astral Plague Demo

Astral Plague Demo

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Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo

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Calling all able-minded crew members:
The human race has made contact with aliens and is facing the worst threat to mankind in history. The Paladin stands alone against this superior race, the Cholerans, and you are its captain.
Astral Plague is a "top-down 2D shooting bonanza" in the unique genre of part shooter and part 'tower defense' games.
Combining diverse levels, varied enemies and superb graphics, this game brings a new level of awesomeness to the fight to save humanity: the Cholerans must be fought at any cost, or the human race will fall.
** Numerous ship and turret upgrades, as well as powerups and high-explosive extras
** Free demo with the first 3 levels
** Spend your hard earned cash from defeated Cholerans in the high-tech weapons shop
** 4 different turret types, all upgradeable to defend your planets
** A choice of either on-screen joystick or tilt-control for tailored gaming
** 3 different enemy types, trying to kill you and your planets in many ruthless ways
"Astral Plague is an inventive twist on the retro space-shooter genre, with intuitive tower-defense aspects and a slew of additional weapons and power-ups. While I found it remarkably tough at times, it’s still compelling and enjoyable to play. If you like modern takes on retro classics, or just enjoy the pulsating gameplay of slick futuristic shooters, this is ideal for you. The game is well worth downloading and checking out and, with more levels to come in the new year, it will only expand and improve in the coming months. 4.5 / 5" Paul Wilks, AndroidTapp.com
If you like games such as Pew Pew, Geometry Wars or Gun Bros, you'll like this one too. Here are some other search terms to help people find the game: space game shooter action awesome tower defense tilt accelerometer dual stick bullet hell
** 4种不同的炮塔类型,所有升级到保卫你的星球
** 3种不同的敌人类型,试图杀死你,在许多方面狠的行星
“星际鼠​​疫的复古空间射击游戏体裁的创造性的扭曲,以直观的塔防御方面和额外的武器和权力的企业摆。虽然我找到了非常艰难的时期,它仍然是引人注目的,愉快的发挥。如果你喜欢现代的呈现复古的经典,或者只是享受华而不实的未来派射手脉动的游戏,这是您的理想选择。本场比赛是非常值得下载,并检查出,并与多层次来在新的一年里,它只会扩大并提高在未来几个月内,4.5 / 5“保罗·威尔克斯,AndroidTapp.com

Astral Plague Demo 更新内容

10th November 2012: It's been a long time since we've worked on Astral Plague! But it was an old favourite of ours, and we thought it was time to refresh it a bit. This update is primarily about improving first impressions for new users - the first few levels are significantly shortened in length, and some buttons are clarified.
However, it also makes a significant change that should be appreciated by all - upgrading a tower now fully repairs it as well.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
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