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Astral Plague Demo

Astral Plague Demo

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Recently featured as Amazon's fre

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Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo Astral Plague Demo

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Recently featured as Amazon's free app of the day!Calling all able-minded crew members:The human race has made contact with aliens and is facing the worst threat to mankind in history. The Paladin stands alone against this superior race, the Cholerans, and you are its captain.Astral Plague is a "top-down 2D shooting bonanza" in the unique genre of part shooter and part 'tower defense' games.Combining diverse levels, varied enemies and superb graphics, this game brings a new level of awesomeness to the fight to save humanity: the Cholerans must be fought at any cost, or the human race will fall.Features:** Numerous ship and turret upgrades, as well as powerups and high-explosive extras** Free demo with the first 3 levels** Spend your hard earned cash from defeated Cholerans in the high-tech weapons shop** 4 different turret types, all upgradeable to defend your planets** A choice of either on-screen joystick or tilt-control for tailored gaming** 3 different enemy types, trying to kill you and your planets in many ruthless ways"Astral Plague is an inventive twist on the retro space-shooter genre, with intuitive tower-defense aspects and a slew of additional weapons and power-ups. While I found it remarkably tough at times, it’s still compelling and enjoyable to play. If you like modern takes on retro classics, or just enjoy the pulsating gameplay of slick futuristic shooters, this is ideal for you. The game is well worth downloading and checking out and, with more levels to come in the new year, it will only expand and improve in the coming months. 4.5 / 5" Paul Wilks, AndroidTapp.comIf you like games such as Pew Pew, Geometry Wars or Gun Bros, you'll like this one too. Here are some other search terms to help people find the game: space game shooter action awesome tower defense tilt accelerometer dual stick bullet hell

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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